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  1. 1. NAISTNara Institute of Science and Technology 2012/10/20 Hitoshi SHIMIZU
  2. 2. What is NAIST Nara Institute of Science and Technology I graduated from NAIST in 2004 Located at Ikoma, Nara prefecture Established in 1991 Has no undergraduate school, only 3 graduate schools  Composed of Bio, Info, Material  Students come from various universities Prof.Yamanaka (2012 Nobel prize) belonged to NAIST while I was a graduate student
  3. 3. Why I selected NAIST I didn’t want to enter the same grad school as my undergrad school (Univ. of Tokyo)  I wanted to change my major (biotechnology)  I wanted to experience a different culture I failed to enter the grad school abroad  I thought I could study hard in Japan, too. NAIST was the best place for me !  Students like me gather at NAIST  NAIST is located in Kansai (closer to my hometown)  NAIST was a new school
  4. 4. What I learned at NAIST I majored in Bioinformatics  I examined a expression of DNA of bacteria  I found that operons (sets of genes) can be specified by the correlation of the genes expression  Statistics I enjoyed my campus life  Student dorm  Located in a countryside Many friends…  A sports fest : Long distance relay (I form a team)  Drive to somewhere without purpose
  5. 5. Pictures of Today’s topic