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PerformanceAppraisal 2015


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PerformanceAppraisal 2015

  1. 1. Performance Appraisal Final Evaluation STEPHEN MARTIN Performance Appraisal: 01/01/2015 - 12/31/2015 Appraisal: Direct Manager Manager Name : MARK BAILEY Current Phase : Final Evaluation Pending With: Direct Manager Objectives <p>IDENTIFY LIFTING NONCONFORMITY AND REPORT DEFICIENCIES</p><p>IDENTIFY AND IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS TO REACH COMPLIANCE STATUS</p><p>COMPILE A PORTFOLIO OF LIFTING PLANS, METHOD STATEMENTS AND REVIEW TRA'S WHERE NECESSARY</p><p>IDENTIFY TRAINING NEEDS FOR OPERATORS OF PLANT MACHINERY AND HELP MAINTAIN TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION LEVELS.</p><p>RAISE AWARENESS THROUGHOUT WDI OPERATIONS WITH REGARD TO THE HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH LIFTING OPERATIONS.</p><p>IDENTIFY AND REGULATE HSE NONCONFORMITY WITH 3RD PARTY PLANT VENDORS IN REGARDS TO WEATHERFORD CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS</p><p> </p> Phase 1 Attachments No Objectives have been uploaded to this document Employee Self-Evaluation: STEPHEN MARTIN (LIFTING SUPERVISOR) SOUTH IRAQ EMPLOYEE SELF-EVALUATION 2015 I have been employed since October 2014, in the position of Lifting Supervisor for Weatherford Drilling based out of South Iraq. From the commencement of my first rotation in Iraq, I identified several areas of non-compliance and that immediate improvement was needed. Below are my objectives set in place December 2014, based on these historical non-conformity issues, occurring on a daily basis within the area of Lifting Operations. •IDENTIFY LIFTING NON-CONFORMITY •REPORT DEFICIENCIES •IDENTIFY AND IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS TO REACH COMPLIANCE STATUS •COMPILE A PORTFOLIO OF LIFTING PLANS
  2. 2. •CREATE METHOD STATEMENTS •REVIEW TRA'S •IDENTIFY TRAINING NEEDS FOR OPERATORS OF PLANT MACHINERY •REVIEW AND ASSIST WITH TRAINING •REVIEW ADHERENCE TO CERTIFICATION LEVELS. •RAISE AWARENESS OF HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH LIFTING OPERATIONS. •IDENTIFY AND REGULATE HSE NON-CONFORMITY WITH THIRD PARTY PLANT VENDORS TO COMPLY WITH WEATHERFORD CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Year 2015, the Lifting Dept. aimed to raise the standards of lifting awareness throughout Weatherford Drilling on the 4 Workover Rigs initially, and mid-way through the year, we worked with the 2 Drilling Rigs in South Iraq. The areas of improvement have contributed to boosting WDI rigs to the BP/ROO number one spot in the South Rumaila oil field out of 4 contractors. This was confirmed following the publication of the results of the final lifting verification audit. (Please see attachments) 1. Equipment. The majority of equipment that was being hired to us by third parties was of poor quality. There was very little in the way of valid certification, servicing records or maintenance programs, indeed, a number of certificates were proven to be fakes for either operators or the machinery. As a result, I addressed this with all the contractors by inviting them to meetings held at Weatherford City on various occasions, I highlighted the serious nature of this activity and reinforced our company expectations. I conducted continual onsite audits and in addition, trained the STC's to identify forged certification after holding meetings with 3rd party assessors that issue certificates. I have given continual support to the Rig HSE to help eradicate this serious issue. Initially we were met with opposition, however, diligence has proved successful and contractors understand the expectations and requirements, and are now meeting with our standards. 2. Deficiencies in accordance with BMS and OEPS. This refers to, although is not restricted to, Lifting Plans and Method Statements, Rigging Loft Fabrication for all rigs, implementing the management system for controlling the use of lifting equipment, quarantine, six monthly inspections, Preventative maintenance programs, Hoist rope certification and identifying the correct lifting equipment to be used for our rig moves and daily lifting operations. This was addressed by the implementation of solutions to reach compliance status throughout, in addition to advising changes to the BMS. The constant implementation of our BMS, OEPS, LOLER, PUWER and BS7121 approved codes of practice, combined with my professional knowledge and experience of 25 years in onshore and offshore installations and of course, management and client support, has ensured ongoing compliance throughout. In addition, coaching and implementation of the procedures are continually supported to ensure complete understanding by the rig crews and 3rd party vendors. 3. Training.
  3. 3. I have continually highlighted the need for further training in Lifting Operations with all crews, including senior supervision, the rig move team and crane operators. This has resulted in the training matrix being changed to include Crane Operator training and assessments. I have assisted and supported the training department to deliver Slinger/Banksman training and informal Mobile Crane Awareness training onsite to crews and 3rd party vendors during the intervention program. This has improved safety awareness of dangerous over lifting practices (that has been common in South Iraq), ground bearing requirements and understanding why we need larger mats on certain lifting operations, the correct selection of lifting equipment to ensure we are not using inadequate slinging arrangements to lift Weatherfords equipment at any time and in particular, over well heads. 4. Audits. I have taken an active role in, and reported on Audits of 3rd party suppliers of cranes and operators in order to identify the best quality equipment and training programs of operators to work on our sites. I have also compiled, produced and distributed a Lifting Audit folder for all the Rigs as an immediate and accessible reference for the Client Lifting Verification audits. This is used as a guidance tool for the STP's and STC's during Audit's. This has proved extremely valuable and has proven results. 5. Lifting Plans • The creation of a Lifting Plan and Method Statement Portfolio. I have compiled Lifting Plans and Method statements for our operations over the last year, this was because there were very poor quality documents being used initially, which had been compiled by unqualified personnel, and they exhibited wrong information such as weights and measures and slinging arrangements. I Review and update these on a regular basis and continue to compile bespoke plans when the need arises. These are a necessary tool for Weatherford and clients, and were built using a format that I developed for Weatherford. 6. 3RD Party – Inspections &amp; Vendors Supported and maintained third party relations during inspections on the last 3 rounds of 6 monthly thorough examinations. Identifying the need to directly supervise the companies in order to improve the quality of their certification, the quality of work and to reduce the time spent on rigs doing the inspections. This has been successful to varying degrees and is continually monitored and supervised to ensure the best service, in a shorter time frame, and subsequently save the company money. I have advised and assisted in improving the quality of service of a 3rd party vendor service which benefits WDI and the vendors. This includes helping to streamline and speed up the Workover Rig Moves. 7. Technical &amp; Scope of Works
  4. 4. I have worked closely with the supply chain manager and other members of the WDI management team on various occasions, to assist and make improvements to the technical and scope of work sections of the existing Workover Crane and Rig Move contracts. Summary In 2014/15 I feel that we have boosted lifting awareness throughout WDI, and In addition, greatly improved our profile with our clients, and compliance to our own BMS/OEPS standards and greater. I am quite happy to say, that I have proved to be an extremely valuable member of the team at Weatherford, and am committed to improving our lifting safety and our profile as the number 1 preferred drilling contractor in South Iraq. Attachments Final Evaluation Attachments Description Last Update Date/Time Uploaded By cx 12/02/2016 09:02:57AM STEPHEN MARTIN FW__[EXTERNAL]_W_ O_Rig_Lifting_Audits.pd f 20/01/2016 05:01:50AM STEPHEN MARTIN WeatherFord_- _Lifting_Operation.pptx 20/01/2016 05:01:36AM STEPHEN MARTIN Manager's Final Evaluation steve has lifted the game with his input with both crews and 3rd party contractors on all issues of safe lifting operations , both on site and during rig moves Attachments No Attachments have been added to this document Performance Review Rating : 2 EXCEED EXPECTATIONS Has the employee completed the assigned compliance training? : Yes