(Present)final version of innovation shaping our life


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(Present)final version of innovation shaping our life

  1. 1. Innovationshaping ourlife—Touch-screenLIK Man Chiu (David) 12211400AU Him Shun (AU) 12211680WANG Ruoyu (Tony) 12250716
  2. 2. Power point Workflow Job division Project Project amongtopic and Content work flow groupobjectives members
  3. 3. Project topic: Touch-screen an electronic visual display that can detect the presence andlocation of a touch within the display area
  4. 4. ObjectivesTo find out: History Basic Information Functions Usage Advantages Disadvantages Suggestions for improvement of touch-screens
  5. 5. Project work flow • Brain-storm the ideas about touch-screen • Goggle about this innovation to search for basic10 Sept-16 Sept information • Make a mind map in mind meister to present the data17 Sept-23 collected Sept • Set up questions for the online survey1 October-7 October
  6. 6. Project work flow • Collect the data of the online survey15 October- • Analysis the data collected in Edit Grid21 October • Prepare the presentation and make22 October-28October the power point about the project29 October- • Class Presentation4 November
  7. 7. Project work flow • Create different media documents about the topic7 November-13 November16 November- • Start creating the web-site21 November • Double check the final results24 November- • About to hand-in the link29 November
  8. 8. Content(Interesting facts about touch screen) First idea about touch-screen came up in 1965 Three major type of touch-screens are resistive style, surface acoustic wave style and capacitive style It is not only applied in smartphones, PDAs or computers, but also NDS, some ATM machines or even casher in shops
  9. 9. Advantages of touch-screenAdvantages of touch-screen Intuitive Direct manipulation is easy to use Fast to point out the signal Facilitate hand -eye coordination Can be mounted on many things ( e.g. table .walls. black boar) (Presented in mind map)
  10. 10.  difficult to select small items Disadvantage of of touch- Disadvantages touch- screen screen Users hand may obscure the screen Easily to be broken by harsh item (Presented in mind map)
  11. 11. Our Survey result (selected Questions) To what extend that you think touch-screen is convient? 0% 0% Definatlt 23% 31% Correct Convient Fair 46% Not Convient
  12. 12. What function you found the touch-screen most useful? 12% Quick respond to your fingers command 44% Easily enlarge or reduce size of document44% High-Defination screen displat
  13. 13. Why dont you use touch screen? 14% Do not want to change a mobile 29% at this moment Too expensive to14% buy Think that touch screen do not really useful 43% Other
  14. 14. Will you continute to use touch-screen in near future?26% Yes 74% No
  15. 15. Future of touch-screens Multi-point touch screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al WFtF06RFo
  16. 16. Job division among group members Tony: To create different media to present indicate the data David: To built up the major part of the link apple web site AU: To collect more information from the web internet and from the survey
  17. 17. References Website : How do touchscreen monitors know where youre touching? ( http://computer.howstuffworks.com/question716.htm ) What is touch screen? - Definition from WhatIs.com (http://searchcio-midmarket.techtarget.com/definition/touch-screen ) Video: Reality touchscreen University of Groningen ( Produced by :Donald Smits Center for Information Techlonogy , University of Groningen ) Recommended Extension Reading : "Touch screens now offer compelling uses". IEEE Software 8 (2): 93–94, 107. 1991.doi:10.1109/52.73754
  18. 18.  Thanks for watching