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Next Gen Omeka


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Presentation from IMLS Focus 15 conference

Published in: Technology

Next Gen Omeka

  1. 1. Classic to S, the Next Generation of Omeka Sheila A. Brennan Associate Director Public Projects
  2. 2. IMLS-funded since 2007
  3. 3. Data In/Data Out Omeka API OAI- PMH Omeka- xml Omeka- json Dcmes- xml json Atom rss2
  4. 4. API: Omeka Classic
  5. 5. Omeka Everywhere Partnership with Ideum & University of Connecticut
  6. 6. Controlled Vocabularies Available now in Classic: Library of Congress Suggest, Getty Suggest, Simple Vocab (Plus)
  7. 7. Something New: Omeka-S
  8. 8. Omeka-S Many sites 1 admin Read/REST API JSON-LD Native RDF vocabs Integration with Fedora, DSpace, Zotero LOD
  9. 9. LOD Vocabularies
  10. 10. Omeka S: DPLA-Ready
  11. 11. Try Omeka-S
  12. 12. Thank you! News: Code: All things: @omeka Sheila A. Brennan Associate Director Public Projects