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Rikvin provides assistance to sme's start a singapore company


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Comprehensive guide on how to start a Singapore company as explained by Rikvin, Singapore’s leading company registration firm.

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Rikvin provides assistance to sme's start a singapore company

  1. 1. Rikvin Provides Assistance to SMEs Start a Singapore CompanyRikvin, Singapore’s leading company incorporation firm has been helpingentrepreneurs around the world and locally to incorporate start-ups inSingapore since 1998.Today, Rikvin also assist SME’s start their Singapore Company. The firmprovides assistance from the consultation, to submission of requireddocuments and actual company registration and setup. SMEs should alsoqualify for the minimum setup requirements below:• Minimum 1 Shareholder + 1 Resident Director + 1 Company Secretary• Minimum initial paid-up share capital is S$1• Singapore Company must have a Singapore registered office addressIn addition, Rikvin also continues to educate SMEs about their tax incentivessince it has been reported that SMEs are not using the tax incentives outlinedfor them.“Report shows that SMEs are not familiar with the tax exemptions andconcessionary schemes and therefore lose out savings on tax rate. With this,we make sure that we remind them on their tax incentives in order for themto experience faster entrepreneurial growth,” Rikvin said.As part of Rikvin’s comprehensive accounting and tax services aside from theircompany registration services, they assure to help their SME clients staycurrent on tax savings available to them. Their accounting specialists are alsoavailable to advice to clients on the various exemptions and schemes thatwould benefit their businesses. Rikvin consultancy provides highlyprofessional company incorporation services, both in attractive standardpackages as well as customized services.About the Publisher:Rikvin Pte. Ltd.– is a Singapore based company that provides Singaporecompany registration and Singapore company setup for Singaporerepresentative office and other business structures. The firm also offersaccounting services such as Singapore payroll service, Singapore corporatetax, visa and immigration services. Since 1998, Rikvin has helped thousands ofentrepreneurs start a Singapore company.
  2. 2. When you contact Rikvin, you will speak directly to a member of our BusinessAdvisory Team, which consists of qualified company secretaries andaccountants, specially trained in company formation and registration. Ourstaff will be delighted to assist you, free of charge, by answering any queriesyou may have.Telephone: (+65) 6438 8887Fax: (+65) 6438 2436Email: info@rikvin.comWebsite: www.rikvin.comAddress: 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 159471Hours: Monday – Friday, 8.30 am to 6 pm