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Surah ibrahim


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Surah ibrahim

  1. 1. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 1:• Purpose of this Book ---- To get out from darkness into light towards our Lord –• Who are unbelievers? ---- who have coolly considered and weighed the pleasures of this worldagainst the joys of the Next World, and decided in favor of this world.• They do not want to follow the Way of Allah, but endeavor that Allahs Way should follow theirdesires ---- Following your lusts, peer pressure and temporize
  2. 2. ICNA Sisters Wing• Historical events are Signs that serve as warnings and reminder of blessings to invite towardsobedience.• Signs are always there, only those persons learn lessons from them who remain steadfast in trialsand appreciate the blessings of Allah rightly and are grateful to Him ---
  3. 3. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 2:• The outcome of gratitude and Ingratitude ----- Gratitude revive beneficence and absorb more whileIngratitude seize the blessings and conditions get worse.• Ingratitude behavior ---- Check ourselves• Allah is Self sufficient ---- Our Ingratitude harm our own selves• Thrusting the hands into mouth after receiving the message ----- This attitude include astonishmentand dissuasiveness from the orders.
  4. 4. ICNA Sisters Wing• The dialogues between Prophets and unbelievers --- The attitude of right and falsehood isalways same.• Trust on Allah(SWT) after conveying the message --- Thankfulness for guidance and beingpatient with disbelievers ---- Faith versus Tyranny
  5. 5. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 3:• The schemes of Kufr befalls on themselves.• Punishment of Hell ---- Oozing pus(taste, smell, still thirsty, loathful)• Example of good deeds of disbelievers --- Deeds are by intentions.• The biggest sin is denial and rejection of Hereafter.• Allah can take us away and bring new creation ---- What are we doing ?• Leaders and their followers both will be helpless in Hereafter ---- Following andobeying somebody blindly ---- Who do we follow ?
  6. 6. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 4:• Conversation of Satan with people in Hell ---- Both will condemn each other --- Satan’s promisesare false and promise of Hereafter is true.• Promises of Satan ---- There is no life in the Hereafter, this life is what matters so enjoy it, imposingrestrictions is not wise, live your life luxuriously, Allah will forgive you, you will go scot-free by theintercession of such and such a saint.• Satan will admit that his promises were false but they were just promises, an invitation to motivateyou, accepting it was your responsibility. I had no force/power over you. You disobeyed Allah andfollow me yourself.
  7. 7. ICNA Sisters Wing• Salutation to people in Paradise ----- Fear and than hope( Intimidation & Motivation)• Parable of Good word and an evil word ----• Four characteristics of good word /good tree ---- Pure, firmly fixed roots, branches reach thesky, yielding its fruits in every season• Greatness, virtues, blissfulness and fruitfulness of the belief in oneness of Allah andin Kalimah Taiyyabah --- When it settle in believers heart, he shape his lifeaccordingly , his good deeds benefit him and society and bring Allah’s blessings andmercy --- Steadfast and patient/
  8. 8. ICNA Sisters Wing• Evil word /bad tree --- Shirk and Kufr --- Instable, devoid, uprooted and unable to endure, groweverywhere but harmful instead of providing benefits, bitter fruits --- spreadlawlessness, corruption, aggression and indecency.• Supplication for steadfastness of heart ---- Questions in graves( Barzakh)
  9. 9. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 5:• Greatest ingratitude ---- exchange God’s blessings( Iman) for unbelief.• Ingratitude of Allah’s blessings ---- Remembrance of His blessings(water, boat, moon, day andnight, wisdom and consciousness )• Can human being count Allah’s blessings? ---- Think about only a cell , muscles or neurons inour bodyThe adult human body containsan estimated 10 trillion cells
  10. 10. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 6:• Supplication of Ibrahim(AS) --- Ayah 36, 37 --- Supplication for peace, for life of obedience, dua for safeguard of offspring from shirk and dua to make the hearts of peopleaffectionately inclined to them, dua for sustenance(fruits), dua to remain instate of gratitude.
  11. 11. ICNA Sisters Wing• Ponder on importance and wisdom of all the above duas.• Thankfulness for the blessing of offspring --- Ayah 39, 40 --- Supplication for establishment oftheir Salah and forgiveness ---- Dua after Durood in Salah.
  12. 12. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 7:• Horrendous view of Hell.• Presentation in Allah’s court and accountability.• The guilty ones secured in chains.• Three reasons of advent of Quran(delivering to mankind)1 : Warning and admonition about the consequence of bad deeds.2 : Allah is the only reckoner, obey Him, resort Him, only call Him in distress & comfort.3 : Lessons from stories and ayahs.