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  1. 1. MY CLOTHES
  2. 2. In the photo my friend Ana and I were wearing theuniform of the band of our town.We were wearing a white shirt with adark blue skirt, and in winter we also wear a dark blue jacket.
  3. 3. Im in my house, with a track suit, the jacket is blue andthe pant is dark blue.The track suit is of Kelme, Iusually wear track suit when I have P.E in the school
  4. 4. Im the girl on the left, in the photo appear two of my friend Laura and Blanca. I usually wearjeans, t-shirts, cardigans and sarfs ; like in the photo :)
  5. 5. So these are my clothes, Ihope that you like it :)LIDIA ALONSO GARCÍA2ºAI.E.S MEDITERRÁNEO :GARRUCHA