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Maria fernandez

  1. 1. D if f e r e n t s t y le s
  2. 2. My styles:)Rapper styleParty styleBeach styleSporty styleClassic style
  3. 3. Rapper style
  4. 4. I never use this style although it is very comfortable. Also, it is a scruffy style. I dont like this style because more or less, itconsists in to catch some sporty clothe without looking and then you have to put on. In this photo, Im wearing some dark blue trousers and some grey trainers. Also, Im wearing a big T-shirt with short sleeves. Im wearing the hair down. This type of hair is the best form to describe this style. This style is very strange but the people that wear this style, think that the image doesnt matter.
  5. 5. Party style
  6. 6. This style is very modern and casual. It isusually used to a party, because, althoughthe dress is made up by sequins, it has adark color.With this style, the best form to wear the hairis straight, but always with the hair down.Maybe, a collected could be a good option toyour hair.The shoes have to be:-Some high shoes-Some manoletinasSome of these shoes are good for this dress.
  7. 7. Beach style
  8. 8. This style is very comfortable and fresh. It is usually to put in summer to go to the beach. The shoes for this style are sandals. The color of the sandals doesnt matter. If you use this style to go to the beach, a good idea could be that you will put some sunglasses.The hair, although is better to wear a pony tail, I wear the hair down.To this ocasion, is better that you dont useany type of make up because if its hot andyou swim into the beach, the make up will run.
  9. 9. Sporty style
  10. 10. This style is usually used to play tennis. It isvery warm. This suit is made up by a pull anda skirt.With this skirt is bettre to dont put somepantys because if youre going to play tennis,they are very uncomfortable.Also is better to put a T-shirt under the pull,because if youre going to swet, the pull isvery warm.The best shoes to play tennis are sometrainers. The color of the trainers doesntmatter.The best form to wear the hair is a pony tail. Itis going to do more comfortable.
  11. 11. Classic style
  12. 12. This style is very casual. Normally, this is to putto have a round.The shoes in this ocasion, are better to putsome manoletinas or some boots, but neversome trainers.This style is better to put in spring or in autumn.Also you can out this stle in summer, butplease, dont put some boots, you are going topass very hot.In the hair, is better to wear a pony tail althoughthe hair down is not so bad