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Ronald Lo Presti This PowerPoint presentation focuses on Lo Presti's history, John F. Kennedy life and
Piece Duration: 5 1/2 minutes assanination, Kubler-Ross' Stages of Grief, Kennedy's Memorial, and related information.
Presentation Duration: 30-45 minutes CRISS Strategy Suggestion: TPS document also available on this page.

All PowerPoint presentations contain director notes, and resources.

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  • Elegy for a Young American by Ronald Lo Presti (1967) Piece Duration: 5 minutes 30 seconds Presentation Duration: 30-45 minutes Other needs: Speakers to hear sound files.
  • Ronald Lo Presti, born in Williamstown, Massachusetts in 1933. He graduated from the Eastman School of Music and taught at Texas Technical University, Indiana State College and Arizona State University. Wrote the Elegy in 1967, four years after his assassination. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.
  • a mournful poem; a lament for the dead, not to be mistaken with a Eulogy. The many stages of grief (Kubler-Ross) are felt as the work is performed.
  • D enial (this isn't happening to me!) A nger (why is this happening to me ?) B argaining (I promise I'll be a better person if ...) D epression (I don't care anymore) A cceptance ( I'm ready for whatever comes) ultimately returns to a meaningful life. In the Elegy a quiet adagio sets a tone of respect and solemnity in the beginning. Feelings of Denail and Anger are reflected by the dynamics and octave jumps in the melody. More anger and remorse express themselves, but they are replaced with an acceptance of the loss and an allegro celebration of the contributions of this great American. A maestoso closing reminds the audience again of the loss.
  • Kennedy was the youngest president, married to Jackie with two young children (Caroline, and John Jr.) America’s Royal Family, as they are sometimes referred as, received the American people more as today’s pop and movie star, than politicians. The Royal Family was also compared to pop culture of the day, including phrases like “Twisting and the White House” (to depict the youth in the White House) and references to the White House being “Camelot” (popular Broadway Musical.) Americans hoped that this new young president would lead the United States into a greater era, especially during this hard time during the Vietnam War. Having a confident leader and some one in the White House that the American people could trust was a change.
  • Born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. Where he grew up till he was ten years old, and then moved to Riverdale, New York. Entered Harvard in 1936, residing in the Winthrop House. Graduated in 1940 with a degree in International Affairs. Tried to enter the U.S. Army 1941, but do to severe back problems, he was declined for service. U.S. Navy accepts Kennedy later that year due to a family friend in the service with his father. Later becomes a World War II hero when captaining a boat, and is rammed by a Japanese Destroyer. Kennedy swims three miles and saves a wounded crewman, and saves two others. Receives Navy and Marine Corps medal.
  • John F. Kennedy is sworn in on January 20, 1961 as the 35 th President of the United States of America. Known for his inaugural address, which contained the famous line “ Ask not what your country can do for you . Ask what you can do for your country ” Bay of Pigs occurred as a inherited secret plan from previous U.S. President, D.D. Eisenhower to send 1,500 Cuban-exile troops into Cuban territory to instigate an uprising to remove Fidel Castro from power. The plan backfired on Kennedy, survivors were either killed or captured. Kennedy was forced to negotiate for their safe return. Cuba released the exiles for 53 million dollars in food and medicine. Cuban Missile Crisis involved the Soviet Union an their plans of transporting nuclear weapons to Cuban, making the huge threat to the United States. Kennedy enforced a naval blockade to inspect all ships entering the region. Ordered all nuclear devices in Cuba to be disarmed. The Soviet Union agreed on the terms, and never transported any nuclear weapons to Cuba. Kennedy was a huge supporter for racial integration and order all schools to no longer be separate. Proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Kennedy was a leader in involving the United States in the Space Race against the Soviet Union to reach the moon. Kennedy asked Congress for 22 billion dollars for the Apollo program, and was approved. Kennedy never saw the landing in 1969.
  • John F. Kennedy was in Dallas for political reasons, and was on a motorcade through the city of Dallas. At least two bullets struck him. One bullet also struck Texas Governor John Connally, but survived. The assassination was captured by Abraham Zapruder and Orville Nix on film. Lee Harvey Oswald was captured 80 minutes after the assassination. Reports of gun shots out of the Texas Book Depository were noted, and these led to the capture of Oswald.
  • Motorcade was in a convertible limousine through the city streets of Dallas, Texas. Today the spot where JFk was shot is marked by a star, and a memorial plaque on the side of the street. Also later reports said that there was more than one gunman and that they were hidden in the Grassy Knoll. Sound clip of the official announcement of John F. Kennedy’s Death.
  • After Oswald was captured, and charged for the murder of John F. Kennedy. Oswald denied shooting anyone, and voiced that he was a “patsy” and was being framed. On November 24, Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, in a Dallas police station shot and killed Oswald. This was the first televised murder on U.S. television. Five days after the assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson created the Warren Commission to find out who killed JFK. The conclusion was Oswald was the sole assassin. Later, another investigation concluded that Oswald was the assassin, but that there was a "probable conspiracy" as well.
  • Emotion funeral procession for John F. Kennedy was captured in every newspaper and televised on March . This was the first 24 hour news coverage in the history of television. Riderless horse, following the procession of the casket, in the stirrups the reversed boots, symbolizing a warrior who will ride no more. Blackjack was the name of the horse who followed the procession (all followed Herbert Hoover, Lyndon B. Johnson, and General Douglas MacArthur.) Famous picture of John Jr. (John-John), saluting his father as he passes by his family. John F. Kennedy’s final resting place is in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, which also has an eternal flame.
  • Cenotaph, a open tomb, symbolizes freedom of John F. Kennedy’s spirit. Not a tomb for his body (Arlington National Cemetery) The concrete walls would be oppressive if they were closed. The black granite slab, in scripted name of John F. Kennedy The memorial is not intended to be "not a memorial to the pain and sorrow of death," but "a permanent tribute to the joy and excitement of one man's life." Designed by Philip Johnson, and dedicated on June 24, 1970. No Kennedys attended the dedication. Johnson originally designed it as a reflection place for people to visit, and fill the memorial with their own meanings. “ The best memorials are the simplest-always. We fill them with meanings of our own choosing, meanings they allow as much as invoke. Their simplicity forces us to think about ourselves, liberating us from the conventions of action and thought that organize our daily lives. When we find ourselves in a place of such radical simplicity that we have only ourselves to fall back on, our thoughts can pour forth, and we can remember.” So Philip Johnson teaches us in his Kennedy Memorial. Due to time, Renovations were needed on the memorial. Finished all renovations in 1999
  • Conspiracy theories - Mafia and Hoover, CIA, Soviet assassination. Oliver Stone directed JFK, Starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Bacon, and a cast of a lot of famous actors. Follows New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison charges against Clay Shaw’s participation in the assassination of JFK. Kennedy Curse deals with the amount of Kennedy deaths in their rise to power. John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr. etc. The Kennedy legacy still lives on with Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, and others.
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  • Elegy for a Young American

    1. 1. Elegy for a Young American Ronald Lo Presti Presented by Mr. Sierakowski (2008) West Aurora High School Symphonic BandGrade 4
    2. 2. History of this composition Ronald Lo Presti (b. 1933-1985.) Dedicated to the memory of our 35th President, John F. Kennedy (1917-1963.)2 West Aurora High School JFK oil painting in the White House
    3. 3. Elegy for a Young AmericanWhat is an Elegy?How is this piece outlined? –Stages of Grief3 West Aurora High School
    4. 4. Stages of Grief (Kubler-Ross)4 West Aurora High School
    5. 5. Why was Kennedy so loved? He brought hope, life, and vigor to the American people. America’s Royal Family. Kennedy was a true leader of the White House.5 West Aurora High School JFK
    6. 6. Before Kennedy’s Presidency… Born in Brookline, Massachusetts. Schooling at Harvard U.S. Army volunteer declined Becomes U.S. Navy Captain Hero Enters the House and Senate Representative Runs for Presidency in 19606 West Aurora High School
    7. 7. Kennedy is elected President Kennedy is sworn in 1961 Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis Peace Corps Civil Rights Space Program John F. Kennedy in his office.7 West Aurora High School
    8. 8. Kennedy’s Assassination Occurred on November 22, 1963 Captured on film Lee Harvey Oswald Dallas Book Depository Overview of Dallas Memorial Square8 West Aurora High School
    9. 9. More on the Assassination JFK and Jackie in the motorcade. Spot where JFK was shot, Dallas, Texas Dallas Morning News the following day.9 West Aurora High School
    10. 10. Lee Harvey Oswald Assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald Captured Denies everything. Jack Ruby Oswald is escorted, Ruby approaches with gun10 West Aurora High School
    11. 11. Kennedy’s Funeral Burial Site in Arlington National Cemetery Funeral Procession leaves the White House Caroline and John Jr. saluting his father The Riderless horse, “Blackjack”11 West Aurora High School
    12. 12. Kennedy Memorial Located in Dallas, Texas Cenotaph JFK Memorial, Renovation 1999 Originally built with no meaning Renovations finished in 1999 Inside the JFK Memorial12 West Aurora High School
    13. 13. Related Information Conspiracy Theories – Who killed Kennedy? – Single Bullet Theory? JFK: The Movie Kennedy Curse Kennedys Today John F. Kennedy, 35th President13 West Aurora High School
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