How to Stop Playing Google’s Game...and Make More Money Instead


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Feeling frustrated by Google's constant updates? Learn how good SEO content that connects with your customers can make you more money.

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How to Stop Playing Google’s Game...and Make More Money Instead

  1. 1. SMX East 2012 The New “Killer” Content How To Stop Playing Google’s Game... And Make More Money, Instead
  2. 2. About SuccessWorks First SEO copywriting agency (established in 1998.) Help B2B companies tell their stories, boost their leads and drive more profit. Train companies in SEO content best practices and provide copywriting services Established the SEO Copywriting Certification training.
  3. 3. First...let me tell you a little story...
  4. 4. Marketers are overwhelmed...
  5. 5. But here’s the thing... Google is a demanding mistress... ...She may love you today and give you great rankings... ...But tomorrow...not so much
  6. 6. The only “safe” strategy long-term Focus 100% on what your prospects/customers/readers want to read - and give it to them. It’s not about “what’s good for Google...” It’s all about “what’s good for your readers?”
  7. 7. I know that SEO content planning and execution is challenging.92 percent ofsurveyed marketerssay that contentcreation is “very” or“somewhat” effectiveas an SEO tactic...But it’s the mostdifficult toimplement...
  8. 8. And there are challenges... - What do our prospects/customers want to see? - How do we set up a workflow? - How do we increase conversion rates? - How do we differentiate? - How do people search for us? - What “voice” should we use? Let’s talk about what works.
  9. 9. Tip #1: Find your voiceWhy? You will connect with your readers faster (and sell more, too!)
  10. 10. Tip #2: Help your sales pages makemore money - test your content. - Longer copy increased conversion rates. Page was 20x longer and conversions increased 30 percent. Source: Conversion Rate Experts - Placing the CTA below the fold increased conversion rates 20 percent. Source: KISSMetrics
  11. 11. Tip #3: Create content for yourcustomers (not Google!) The blog drives over 30% of sales Source: Dr. Bailey Skin Care
  12. 12. Tip #4: Maximize your first opportunityfor conversion Source: Slingshot SEO
  13. 13. Tip #5 Repurpose existing content White paper/Ebook Blog post Sales pages/ case studies- Create a blog series - Tweet something - Have videobased on the white from the post, and link testimonials? Sharepaper. back to it. them on FB or Google +.- Tweet a stat and link - Aggregate relatedback to the white blog posts and turn - Tweet somethingpaper. them into an ebook. from the case study and link back.- Post a fact on your - Create a video thatFacebook page or links back to the blogGoogle + post.- Pull out excerpt for - Post on LinkedIn/FBan enewsletter and start a discussion.
  14. 14. Larry Chase from Web Digest forMarketers says... “...The content used in my newsletter is repurposed into 66 Internet Marketing categories at the Web Digest For Marketers website. This is done for SEO purposes. At the time of this writing, Yahoo! shows more than 2,000 inbound links. These links help boost traffic to my website, which, in turn, results in more new subscribers. More new subscribers are apt to click on those whitepaper and webinar offers from my advertisers, which also appear on my website. Call this a virtuous circle of content marketing.”
  15. 15. Tip #6 Find an “SEO content champion” - Outlines topics that reaches prospects at all stages of the buy cycle. - Finds “low hanging fruit” (good rankings, poor click-through pages.) - Schedules existing pages for rewrites/updates - Sets the workflow and editorial calendar - Trains your team in SEO content best practices - Works with with your SEO
  16. 16. Your main takeaway...? Your Website doesn’t need “more content for Google...” Your site needs the right content that connects with your customers and makes you money. It’s important to know the difference.
  17. 17. Questions? Here’s how to reach me. SEO content writing services and customized training Heather Lloyd-Martin CEO, SuccessWorks Twitter: @heatherlloyd