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Now-a-days health Insurance is a necessity and not an option. The cost of medical treatment is increasing rapidly, at more than 20% each year. Health insurance provides a low cost and reliable way of meeting unpredictable medical care expenses.

It is best to buy health insurance early and when you are in good health. At younger ages health insurance premiums are lower. Also, insurance purchased when you are in good health has fewer exclusions and, in general, provides more effective coverage. If you have had a disease in recent times then most health insurance policies typically exclude that disease and its related side-effects for a period of about 4 years.

There are many insurance companies offering many different health insurance schemes. This can get very confusing. There are significant differences in prices across products and, increasingly, insurers have started to introduce differentiated features into their policies. You need an independent company such as SecureNow Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. to provide you with options and help you pick the product you want, in a straightforward and transparent manner. We work with the major insurance companies to get you the best deal.

Health insurance provides primarily covers hospitalization expenses. Many policies will also cover the related medicine or doctor fees related to the hospitalization. Policies differ in what medical care they cover, the amounts that they will pay and the treatment options that they will accept.

In summary, you just cannot do without the protection offered by Health insurance Policies.

Medical circumstances are unpredictable. You cannot practically save large sums of money for medical conditions that may never happen. Insurance provides you with the security that you will be able to pay your hospitalization bills when needed.

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Health insurance need

  1. 1. A Healthy FamilyDiseases and illness can strike without warning SecureNow
  2. 2. Medical Expenses are Injurious to your savings Cost of Living Medical Care cost Medical care costs are rising faster than inflation SecureNow
  3. 3. Health Insurance is CheapA 30 year old can buy a Rs 5 Lakh cover for just Rs 6,000 per annum A Leverage of 80 SecureNow
  4. 4. Health Insurance Small Premiums paid in High advance Financial with meticulous Burden of an planning unexpected mishapHealth Insurance Premiums leverage many times their value in coverage SecureNow
  5. 5. The leverage reduces with age Get your Health Cover Now SecureNow
  6. 6. Your Leverage Reduces with AgeFamily Floater Health Insurance Policy of a leading Insurer. SI – Rs 4 Lakhs. A family of two adults and a child. Age of the oldest member defines the premium. Leverage Defined as ratio of SI to annual premium. By the time Age Annual Leverage you reach Premium the age of 50 your 30 6,854 58 leverage reduces by 40 7,702 52 a factor of 50 14,675 27 2.14 from what it was when you were 30
  7. 7. Get Your Health Insurance Cover Now!
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