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Major surgeries cost upwards of Rs 2 lakhs these days. Apart from Surgery, there are costs of hospital room, diagnostic tests, medicines, etc. Hospitalization for major diseases sets you back by over Rs 50,000. Further, cost of health care is rising by over 20% pa, which is twice the overall inflation. We also know that good quality healthcare tends to be even more expensive and we do not want to subject ourselves to treatment in hospitals where basic conditions are bad (we have all heard of frightening experiences). Statistics indicate that >70% people in the country have to borrow to pay for their health-care expenses. Hospitalization, apart from the disease or injury itself, creates a big hole in a family’s corpus

However, Medical Insurance is inexpensive!

A Rs 5 Lakh mediclaim cover costs only about Rs 6,000 pa (for a normal 30 year old). At about Rs 500 per month this is less than what most people spend on movies. Insurance costs do not burn a hole in your pocket, whereas hospital expenses do. Additionally, medical insurance does not cover pre-existing diseases and several diseases are covered only after a few years of continuous insurance – hence insure as early as possible.

It is unfortunate that people think of insurance only when they face the perils. Please remember that your insurability and cover are affected by delays. There are several diseases that are covered only after holding a policy for a few years. Also, your premium requirements increase as you get older. Thus, there is a significant cost attached to the delays in procurement of health insurance. You need to get your insurance now.

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Health insurance purpose

  1. 1. Hospitals are Expensive Coronary Bypass – 2 Lakh plus Angioplasty – 2 Lakh plus Joint Replacement – 1.5 Lakh plus Down with Dengue/ Malaria – 50 k These are the basic costs. You also need to pay for medicines, room etc. SecureNow
  2. 2. Medical care costs are rising faster than inflation Cost of Living Medical Care cost And there is no respite SecureNow
  3. 3. It is an uphill battle. But……. ……. Insurance is Cheap!A 30 year old can buy a Rs 5 Lakh cover for just Rs 6,000 per annum SecureNow
  4. 4. Health Insurance Small Premiums paid in High advance Financial with meticulous Burden of an planning unexpected mishapHealth Insurance Premiums leverage many times their value in coverage SecureNow
  5. 5. The leverage reduces with age SecureNow
  6. 6. Your Leverage Reduces with AgeFamily Floater Health Insurance Policy of a leading Insurer. SI – Rs 4 Lakhs. A family of two adults and a child. Age of the oldest member defines the premium. Leverage Defined as ratio of SI to annual premium. By the time Age Annual Leverage you reach Premium the age of 50 your 30 6,854 58 leverage reduces by 40 7,702 52 a factor of 50 14,675 27 2.14 from what it was when you were 30
  7. 7. Get Your Health Insurance Cover Now!
  8. 8. Fill in your details on our inquiry form. We will call you back!SecureNow Insurance Broker Private Limited 3rd Floor, 29 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016 Web – SecureNow