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Some example uses cases for Oracle's OIC


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Some examples use cases for Oracle's OIC in production

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Some example uses cases for Oracle's OIC

  1. 1. Cloud Premier Partner Oracle Diamond Partner Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (*New!) partner – only a handful of SI’s Only Global SI to be accredited as Oracle Authorized Education Center Part of Beta programmes for: Cotainer Native & Microservices Inteligent Chatbot API platform Integration cloud Process cloud Oracle Self-Service Automation Oracle IoT Cloud Oracle Mobile Cloud  Continuous investments in cloud accelerators  5 Oracle Aces: 2 Directors, 3 Aces  Real experts and thought leaders including several books:  2013: Oracle SOA Governance Implementation  2015: Oracle API Management Implementation  2016: Oracle Case Management Solutions  2017: Implementing Oracle Integration Cloud service  2018 Oracle API Platform CS Implementation  Enterprise API Management  Several publications in OTN, Oracle Magazine, Oracle Scene & Other  2019 & 2018 – PaaS & API EMEA Partner Awards  2018 – Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Maximum MSP Performance Awards  2018 – Partner Award for Services for Oracle Cloud  2017 – Switzerland Service Provider of the Year  2017 – Gold & Silver UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards  2017 – Global Excellence Award for Extend and Connect  2017 – API PaaS Community Award  2017 – Chatbot PaaS Community Award  2016 – Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year: Industry  2016 – Oracle University Partner of the Year  2016 – BPM and Cloud community awards  2015 – Oracle Customer Support Services Partner of the Year  2011 – Global Partner of the Year Award for Oracle Applications  2012 – Fusion Middleware partner of the year Alliance and Strategic Partnership Awards & Recognitions Thought Leadership Article – June 17 Article – June 17 Podcast – August 17 Capgemini & Oracle
  2. 2. 3 ICS & OIC – A View of Why & Customer | Phil Wilkins | 12-2017 © 2017 Capgemini. All rights reserved. Capgemini have a framework offering for Police & other Emergency services that handles • Accounting/Financial Services inc payroll, expenses etc • HR including complexities of skills management, certification for operations (e.g. weapons training), rostering, tasking • Capturing dynamic events such as shift sign in & out, availability for call – integrating Command & Control Old solution build around EBusiness Suite and some specialist solutions • Government agencies looking to move/reduce non- essential costs e.g. running data centres is encouraging cloud adoption Solution • Oracle Finance Cloud, HCM, CX, IaaS (Classic) for dedicated rostering tools • Some dedicated systems have to remain on-premises • Need to integrate on-premises solutions • Classic bulk (e.g. Bank stmt) time sensitive sign in & out Background Capgemini – t-Police Production Offering OracleIaaSOracleSaaS CXCloud (Oracle) HCMCloud (Oracle) FinanceCloud (Oracle) TalentMgmt(Taleo)Cloud (Oracle) ORACLEPAAS (publiccloud–oracle) HMRC SOCIAL NETWORKS P CARDS SUPPLIER EXTERNAL Shared Services (Comms Back Bone) EmployeeData SupplierDetails SocialChannels Applicants Recruitment EmployeeData SkillsUpdates PayrollInstructions Recruitment PayrollData Expenses Sickness,Leave,Overtime Skills&Certification BankPaymentInstructions ExpenseClaimStatus Invoices BankReconciliationData Payroll&Expenses Sign&Out Sick Roster StaffAvailability Signin&Out Sick/DutyLimitations Skills On-Premises Specialist Training Record & Revalidation COMMAND & CONTROL (Operations) Authentication & Authorization CLOCKING DEVICES CLOCKING DEVICES CLOCKING DEVICES SignIn&Out Employee Roster SignIn&Out DMZ Tasking Pay BankData Skills&Certification Employee Employee Employee TaxData Payrolletc ReconciliationData Expenses Recruitment CLOCKING DEVICES CLOCKING DEVICES Payroll Distribution CLOCKING DEVICES CLOCKING DEVICES BANKS Rostering (SpecialistTool) ICSON-PREMAGENTS Orders Invoices
  3. 3. 4 ICS & OIC – A View of Why & Customer | Phil Wilkins | 12-2017 © 2017 Capgemini. All rights reserved. Why ICS/OIC for t-Police? Cloud Factors • Integrating Oracle SaaS instead of EBS meant reworking from scratch • Integrations to on-premises solutions would not port (e.g. SQL based) • Ruled out simple lift & shift • Need to support PaaS-for-SaaS for enhancements identified • Existing operational practises needed to change as well (e.g. data change by accessing DB in EBS). • Some ways of working learnt from on- premises meant time to introduce some new strategies • Deploy runtime engine into an extended secure environment without complexity of SOA Suite (Execution Agent) Challenges • OIC simpler to work with than SOA • Technology direction / innovation indicated OIC(ICS) is likely to be a better bet • Overcome OIC(ICS) gaps using ACCS for small pieces of development • Developed patterns that would allow development of own adaptors until Oracle strategic offering stabilised with minimal cutover later • Provision of connection & execution agents meant hybrid requirements can be satisfied in a manner better than SOA CS • Managed PaaS meant investment is in building out integrations & enhancements • Lot of the integrations had common domain names & limited number of different connectors Decisions
  4. 4. 5 ICS & OIC – A View of Why & Customer | Phil Wilkins | 12-2017 © 2017 Capgemini. All rights reserved. Retailer experiences fairly high staff turnover in stores • Need to streamline its recruitment process • Enable the process to be far more self service • Desire to move towards a solution framework that will support agility through a digital / extensible framework • API driven – so front end can be adapted to new demands quickly Solution • Oracle HCM, Taleo, API-Platform, OIC, & Microservices on JCS, Diary/Scheduling solution • HCM Seen as Strategic HR platform • Taleo gives traditional job website front end • OIC(ICS) provides orchestration of back end SaaS solutions • Microservices provide data manipulation and logic to support JET clients offering modern interfaces inc reactive & responsive websites Background Retailer - Staff Recruitment 3rd PartySaaSOracleSaaS HCMCloud (Oracle) TalentMgmt(Taleo)Cloud (Oracle) OraclePaaS 3rd PartyRecruitment Applicant Opportunities Recruitment EmployeeData SkillsUpdates PayrollInstructions Recruitment PayrollData Expenses Sickness,Leave,Overtime Skills&Certification Schedule Candidate Interviewer OracleJETclients APICallsAPIcalls DMZ APICalls APIcalls Payrolletc ReconciliationData DiaryScheduling APIGateway Microservices Service Service Service Service Service Service APICallsAPICalls APIGateway APICalls APICalls APICalls
  5. 5. Why OIC for Retailer? Cloud Factors • Want to take advantage of any OOTB integration capabilities • Simplify the access to solutions • Cloud native requirements • Smaller simpler footprint compared to SOA-CS • Strategic roadmap for OIC vs SOA-CS Challenges • Whilst Microservices is good for small algorithm functional development & provide performance • No legacy to support – lift and shift not needed • SaaS to SaaS easier to describe as an integration – therefore maintain • Number of connections meant pricing was cost effective Decisions