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Zynga ipo roadshow investor presentation - dec 2011


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Zynga ipo roadshow investor presentation - dec 2011

  1. 1. Mark Pincus Founder and CEO
  2. 2. Offering Summary Offering Size Over-Allotment Filing Range Expected Pricing Tlcker /listing Use of Proceeds Underwriters lOOM shares (all primary) 15%(all secondary) $8.So-$10.00 Week of December 12, 2011 ZNGA / NASDAQ Global Select General corporate purposes, capital expenditures, and tax withholding obligations related to the vesting of employee equity-based compensation (ZSUs) Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs SofA Merrill lynch Barclays Capital J.P. Morgan Allen & Company .ji zyng
  3. 3. Investment Opportunity 1. Play is a core Internet and mobile activity Jfzynga =play 2. Zynga is the leader in play 3. Only scalable platform 4. Repeatable and profitable model 5. Unmatched investment
  4. 4. Our Vision J4lzynga =play --· ---
  5. 5. Our Mission rARMVillE .Jf:Ut.; .;!zyngapoker· ~ INOAOS~ ~ [jil•Uitt'(l}9J!!'I Maf1aWars
  6. 6. CityVille: The Most Popular Social Game in the Western World
  7. 7. Access to Full Presentation Available Here: Along with Many Others