Top 5 most common dental problems and curable measures


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Dentist in Vasundhara offering dental care and treatment facility for patients suffering from teeth and gum problems.

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Top 5 most common dental problems and curable measures

  1. 1. Top 5 Most Common Dental Problems and Curable Measures People across the world suffer with diverse diseases and dental problems are also one them cause intolerable pain among dental patients. Dental problems are very common amongst the people globally and there are many types of diseases which cause dental problems among different age group of people. But the good thing is that except few critical conditions, most of the diseases are easily curable if diagnosed in early stage of developments. So, it is very necessary to know about the most common diseases and their symptoms so that you can easily identify this kind of situations and prevent from further problems. Tooth Decay or Cavities Also known as cavity, it is one of the most prevailing teeth disease found among most of the people across the world. Tooth decay occurs due to sticky substance on teeth, which includes sugars and starches contains in most of the food items we eat. Long-lasting retention of these harmful substance produce acids and attack tooth enamel. Owing to tooth decay you will face intolerable pain in a particular suffered teeth but you can evade by avoiding sugar rich food & drinks and by cleaning your teeth regularly by brushing two times and if problem still arises visit at Dental Clinic in Vasundhara.
  2. 2. Tooth or Dental Erosion It is also one of the most commonly originated dental problem in which structure of tooth erodes caused by acid attacks on the enamel resulting sensitivity and tooth cracking problem. Sometimes few people don’t get to know at early stage, so avoid eating hard food substances else you can lose your precious teeth. Periodontal or Gum Disease As per the research and studies periodontal disease which is also well-known as gum disease very common and often unrecognized due to less pain. It is related with gums but long-lasting causes loosening of teeth resulting falling out. It is kind of genetic diseases, a family having history of gum related diseases also increase the chances in upcoming generations of that family. However, it can be prevented by two times brushing and regular checkups with Dentist in Vasundhara. Bad or Smelly Breath It also very common but less harmful type of mouth disease. It is also known as halitosis which causes bad or smelly breath from your mouth. It is not as much as harmful for you but could be very embarrassing in front of others. The main causes for bad breath are cavities, oral cancer, gum diseases and bacteria on tongue. Insignificant bad breath problems can be easily cured by two times brushing or specially medicated mouth wash liquids. However, if you are facing a chronic problem and not getting relief from these remedies, visit at your nearest Dental Clinic in Vasundhara and get special treatment timely. Oral or Mouth Cancer A most critical disease of mouth affecting immense number of people worldwide. It is the extreme stage of mouth related disease affects other parts like mouth, lips and throat. It is caused by mainly smoking, chewing tobacco products and excessive alcohol consumption, however in recent studies another cause especially among adults are orally exposed sexually transmitted diseases. In some cases it is totally incurable but if diagnosed at early stage doctors can cure it or prevent up to some extent.
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