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Finding the Best Belize Real Estate - A Retirement Haven


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You can even have your own private caye for that ultimate retirement haven. Discover your haven here in Sanctuary Belize.

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Finding the Best Belize Real Estate - A Retirement Haven

  1. 1. Retiring can be somethingthat a lot of us are lookingforward to. Whatbetter way to spend it bynothing more than having aleisure stroll along the beachshore in the morning thenrelaxing under the shades oftrees with the scurrying animals living around the forest, andfinally ending it with a cup of tea or coffee in the comfortableand beautiful living space you own built in your most favoritelocation in Belize.Your days could be just like this. Having all the time foryourself and doing everything you want to at your own pace,free from all the worries of today. In owning a Belize real estateproperty, all these could be possible without having to spend allyour savings. Retiring requires investments, as well as lookingfor that retirement home you would spend the rest of your daysin.This means seeking and searching for that home can be quite aneffort and a time-consuming activity, but well worth it. TheBelize real estate market has a wide range of selections so itmay also be quite a headache to choose among hundreds ofavailable properties. But to make your life easier, you canalways write down what you want and need in a home and thensearch for these homes that match your criteria.
  2. 2. We all know that a lot of people want to retire in Belize becauseof the Qualified Retired Person program they offer for peoplearound the world regardless where they have come from. Thisprogram, if you don’t know anything about it yet, allows a QRPto be exempted from taxes such as income tax coming fromoutside the country and taxes involving vehicle importations. Italso allows the inclusion of your spouse and dependents into theprogram. There are more incentives for people who wish toretire in this beautiful country of Belize and the requirements arequite easy to fulfill. Your age does not even have to exceed 60 toqualify. Anyone from the age of 45 can apply and be approvedas long as the other requirements are met.There are a lot of communities here in Belize that can be yourideal retirement haven. You can even just purchase a home in aquiet location and live there as you please. But if you want first-class living and a lifestyle led by your own then consider livingin Sanctuary Belize.This community can provide you with everything you wouldneed, and their amenities are world-class which are exclusiveonly for its residents. Sanctuary Belize cradles you in paradisewith a home as grand as those seen in architectural magazines.And just like any Belize real estate property, this community hashomes that are reasonably priced and will definitely fit yourbudget. No other community of luxury can ever come close tothe beauty and grandeur of this community.
  3. 3. You can even have your own private caye for that ultimateretirement haven. Discover your haven here in Sanctuary Belize.