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Cure of yeast infection my story


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cure of yeast infection-how I rid myself of my yeast infection

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Cure of yeast infection my story

  1. 1. Cure of Yeast Infection My Story By Samuele White
  2. 2. Hi Everyone… I created this presentation to tell you my story ; – the story of how I permanently healed my own Candida and yeast Infection without any drugs or surgery.
  3. 3. I have no medical training and I have not created this presentation to offer advice – I just hope that my story will have the effect of inspiring others.
  4. 4. I spent years battling and struggling with the distressing symptoms of yeast infection and taking dangerous ant-fungal and pain medication among others.
  5. 5. I continued to get worse and weaker and more depressed and the mood swings got desperate… This is the story of how I took charge of my own situation
  6. 6. – and then returned to an active, healthy lifestyle without pain, itching, scratching, discharges - and all the other symptoms after seeing a permanent cure of yeast infection.
  7. 7. My Cure of Yeast Infection Story
  8. 8. I am a young 38 year old and have always (so I thought) been fit and strong. I worked hard and played hard and my work involved interaction with a lot of people.
  9. 9. Of course I had some stress and tiredness from time to time, but never anything serious. First was the itching and localised rash at the groin, then it got worse and not better with treatment (creams etc).
  10. 10. It gradually got so I couldn’t sleep at night or concentrate on anything. Then came the headaches and pain and through all this was the discharge with the attendant embarrassment and self consciousness.
  11. 11. The doctors put me on the more powerful “-azole” drugs (tablets) along with the creams. After some initial relief, the yeast infection came back with a vengeance and invaded other parts of my body – elbows and arms, thighs etc.
  12. 12. For the sake of civility and good language, I’ll stop with the descriptions; suffice it to say that my condition was awful and getting more and more desperate by the day. This went on week after week, month after month, year after year.
  13. 13. The symptoms will ease, and then come back with more severity and recurrently. With a vengeance
  14. 14. My mood swings got so I couldn’t maintain relationships of any kind; diarrhoea, constipation, muscular pain and stiffness, blurred vision, you name it I’ve that symptom at one time or other through the years.
  15. 15. I finally hit rock bottom and was ready to give up on everything. But instead I decided to take responsibility and find another way. Enough of the bad stuff – here’s how I got healed !
  16. 16. Cure of Yeast Infection Update:
  17. 17. It has been 3 years now since I discovered my cure of yeast infection and have remained completely free of all symptoms of Candida infection.
  18. 18. In less than 12 hours after starting to use this, I got relief from all discharge and the itching and more.  In a matter of days, I had complete relief from all the symptoms of thrush.
  19. 19. Even my toenail fungus was quickly clearing up. I’m healed now and it’s as though I had never contracted any yeast infections at all.
  20. 20. And; it’s all thanks to........     This Completely Holistic Method