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Digital word for a digital world

Presentasi mengenai perkembangan Alkitab digital di era digital. Disampaikan pertama kali di Bible Consultation" keluarga besar SU (East West Asia) pada bulan Juni 2015.

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Digital word for a digital world

  1. 1. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  2. 2. Scripture Engagement for the Next Generation ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  3. 3. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA Outline:
  4. 4. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA Started with simple Indonesian digital Bibles for OnLine Bible Software. 20+ years of experiences in the IT ministry.
  5. 5. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA “Freely received, freely give.” It’s growing into a large IT ministry
  6. 6. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA Finally, digital Bibles and Resources For Mobile Bible Applications . Bibles and Bible Resources are Everywhere! Focus: Bible in many platforms
  7. 7. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA What’s next? From … … Here … To … … Where?
  8. 8. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  9. 9. A Bible; plus an ecosystem Bible for the 21st century ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  10. 10. Alkitab Yang Terbuka (Opened) – AYT Faithful 1. To the original Languages (Heb + Grk). 2. To history of Bible translation (Eng + Indo). 3. To modern Indonesian language. Clear 1. Easy to read – Clear, Simple and Accurate. 2. Easy to understand – Tools and Helps. 3. Easy to listen – Multi Forms and Formats. Relevant 1. Digital first, and also Print – Bible 2. Multi-Media, and also Texts – Library 3. Social-Media, and sharing – Community 1. Opened Bible The text of the Bible is integrated with other biblical resources for the purpose of studying the Bible responsibly. 2. Opened Library Lots of other Christian resources are prepared to built an integrated study environment. 3. Opened Community A place where the community of the believers can discuss and share what they learn from studying the Bible. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  11. 11. Spoken Bible Before 15th cent. Oral Culture Listening Clergy Very Limited Printed Bible 15 -20th cent. Writing Culture Reading Educated/Rich Many people Digital Bible After 20th cent. ‘Gadget’ Culture Listening & Reading Anybody Unlimited people The access of the Bible ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  12. 12. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA Bible for the 21st century
  13. 13. Technology changes the world so fast. Inovasi Integrasi Kolaborasi T o G o d b e t h e G l o r y ! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  14. 14. Digital Immigrant and Digital Natives T o G o d b e t h e g l o r y ! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  15. 15. Smart phones, a revolution !? T o G o d b e t h e G l o r y ! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  16. 16. Social Media, … an Evolution !? T o G o d b e t h e G l o r y ! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  17. 17. Statistics Smartphone users T o G o d b e t h e G l o r y ! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  18. 18. Smartphone addiction T o G o d b e t h e g l o r y ! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  19. 19. SABDA 2020 -- Our Challenge, Our Hope !! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  20. 20. 1. The Lost of Bible Reading Habit ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  21. 21. 2. The Fortune Cookies Bible ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  22. 22. 3. Pure individualism interpretation ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  23. 23. 4. Bible become just data. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  24. 24. 5. New generation of Pharisees ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  25. 25. Scripture Union’s Experience(s) SU Indonesia – Rebirthing an Organization? SU International – FIT, MasterPlan, or DNA! ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  26. 26. Quo Vadis Bible Engagement? 1. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  27. 27. Where are the Christians and the churches in this digital age? 2. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA
  28. 28. ©2015 Yayasan Lembaga SABDA Facebook: Email: SMS: 0881-29-79-100