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web pre-10.pdf

  1. 1. How Network Management Systems Work ● Simple Network Management Protocol ● Network management system ● Management Information base. ● The UPS
  2. 2. The SNMP The SNMP is Simple Network Management Protocol. The SNMP console program aggregates the information and presents it graphically. The first SNMP appeared in 1988. The SNMP has three versions. The SNMP Version 1 has a weakness about security.
  3. 3. Network Management System A Network Management System (NMS) is a hardware and software used to monitor and administer a network. And it provides information on performance, inventory, and traffic.
  4. 4. Management Information Base ● MIB is Network gear managemented by SNMP that is information disclosed to inform of my state outside. ● MIB data vailable to SNMP-based man- agement prograams. ● SNMP is Simple Network Management Protcol.
  5. 5. The UPS ● MIB is Management information base. ● The hardware such as printers in a word,auxiliary equipment is need. ● UPS shows a high supply now.
  6. 6. References ● Wikipedia ● Glossary of IT