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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. How Network Management Systems Work ● SNMP ● Network Management System ● MIB ● UPS
  2. 2. Simple Network Management protocol (SNMP) It is a protocol to determine a communication method of the information I watch network machinery on the IP network (monitoring), and to control it.
  3. 3. Network Management System ● Network Management System is a generic name of hardware and the software to manage the network on the network of LAN etc. ● NMS always observes the network, and the detection of the trouble and the mistake of the life and death watch of a server and various equipment and traffic connected with the network and maintenance on security and making the performance management and the report, etc. can be done.
  4. 4. MIB(Management Information Base) It is information opened networking gear that use Simple Network Management Protocol because it know it gear conditions for the outside.
  5. 5. UPS Device that builds battery and dynamo into, and supplies electricity to computer at a while when blacking out. The user can safely end the system meanwhile.
  6. 6. Reference ● Wikipedia ● Sophia