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Showpiece for the work done for the U.S. Dept. of State account from August-December 2008. This includes research, advertisements, promotional events and giveaways, and new ideas for the next group to take over for the next semester.

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U.S. Dept of State Showpiece

  1. 1. US Department of State d l or W he t o t rt o sp s Pa ur Theresa Baltimore o Dexter Raeburn Y Amanda Valentino David Humes Ryan Siu
  2. 2. Table of Contents About Us Client Campaign Goals Creative Brief Creative Concept Internship Poster Online Media Facebook Flyer Events Promotional Items Foreign Service 2009 Campaign Summary
  3. 3. About us Diamond Edge Communications (DEC) Temple University’s student run Advertising Agency Account Manager: Theresa Baltimore As the Account Manager, it was my responsibility to develop an advertising strategy, maintain communications with my team and our client, coordinate all projects and ensure that they were completed on schedule. I had to manage our budget of $1,000 and present our work to the client at the end of the campaign. Executive Creative Director: Dexter Raeburn As the Executive Creative Directors it was my responsibility to oversee all the creative work. This includes brainstorming processes, the development, and the delivery to the Account Manager. Executive Copywriter: Amanda Valentino As the Executive Copywriter, it was my responsibility to edit all copy written for this account communicated effectively with the target audience, was error free, and contained the content necessary to achieve our goal. Art Director: Ryan Siu As the Art Director, it was my responsibility to work hand-in-hand with the Copywriter to create and design advertisements that would effectively reach the target audience. Copywriter: David Humes As the copywriter, it was my responsibility to work hand-in-hand with the Art Director to create catchy headlines and copy for ads and protional tasks.
  4. 4. Client U.S. Department of State Profile: Issues passports and visas Leads the foreign affairs agency Ensures American safety overseas Manages over 256 missions, consulates and embassies Civil Service: Domestic employment Foreign Service: US Diplomats Eight Student Programs: high school to graduate level
  5. 5. Campaign Goals Primary Campaign Goals: • Educate students about who the State Dept. is and what they do/offer • Promote Summer 2009 internships with the State Dept • Get people to register online for FSO Test Secondary Campaign Goals/TARGET AUDIENCE: • Communicate to diverse ethnicities • Communicate to non-traditional majors • Communicate to critical language majors
  6. 6. Creative Brief Target Audience: What does the target audience think about careers at the U.S. Department of State now? All college students in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. “My major has nothing to do with politics or interna- Diverse ethnicities – especially African-Americans and tional relations” Hispanics “Majority white and male” Non-traditional majors “It’s not for me” What do we want them to think? The State Department has a wide variety of exciting career opportunities that will allow them to travel and see the world and make a difference! The State Department is actively seeking young people to start their careers by making a positive impact on the world. Business Week just ranked DOS as 12th Best Place to Launch a Career. The State Department is not about politics; its about communicating foreign policy overseas; it needs people with a broad range of skills and academic backgrounds to accomplish their goals. The U.S. Department of State is an equal opportunity employer and needs people of all ethnicities, skills sets, language skills, women, etc. There is a career in the U.S. Department of State that is perfect for YOU. What is the single most compelling message we must communicate? “The U.S. Department of State IS for YOU”
  7. 7. Internship Poster We were trying to portray diversity at its greatest by combining all the poster concepts and merging it into one. This way, we would deliver the diversity message into one poster (rather then spreading it out across 3 different posters). There were several takes to why we chose to create the poster like this. We figured that we were going for a passport idea. We decided on using a font and outline that resembled a “stamp” look. For visual strength, we merged together all the images we were going to use on the different posters into one by fading them together – essentially blending diversity. We decided to place the American Flag at the top to further strengthen the fact that it was the US Dept of State.
  8. 8. Online Media E-mail blasts: Our team sent out E-mail blasts to students, faculty, and internship coordinators in attempt to increase awareness about the available internship opportunities and the Foreign Service Officer Test within the U.S. Department of State. This approach was the best way to instantly reach a mass audience. The Student E-mails were written in a persuasive manner to capitalize on the opportunity by visiting the wesite. The Faculty and Internship E-mails were informative; it emphasized on the pivotal role that they play in the lives of students and the importance of informing their students about career and internship opportunities available with the U.S. Department of State. Internship Coordinators E-mail Blast Faculty E-mail Blast Student Listserv E-mail Blast Please inform the student’s in your department about the following op- Members of the Faculty: Seeking a rewarding internship experience that will be an impressive addi- portunity. tion to your resume? If so, the U.S. Department of State wants to meet you. Temple University’s Career Expo is Thursday October 2nd 2008 at the The U.S. Department of State is seeking students from all majors to apply Liacouras Center from 11a.m. - 4p.m. The U.S. Department of State will be The U.S. Department of State offers students the opportunity to get a for its wide range of student programs/internships. Recognized by Business hosting a table offering student’s information about internship and career op- firsthand look at the different positions available in foreign affairs. It doesn’t Week as “The 6th Best Place to Launch Your Career,” The U.S. Department of portunities. We ask you to please encourage your students to attend this career matter what you are majoring in, because you’ll be able to find a program at State is a great resource for your students. It will give students the chance to fair and to stop by the table of the U.S. Department of State. the U.S. Department of State that calls for your talents and expertise. gain valuable work experience while representing America. According to Business Week, The U.S. Department of State is ranked, “The As an intern, you’ll either work in Washington D.C. or an embassy over- Students will have the opportunity to work in Washington D.C. or overseas. 6th Best Place to Launch Your Career.” Students that engage in the program seas. The U.S. Department of State will give you the chance to gain valuable Whether they travel abroad or work in our nation’s Capital, they’ll experience will have the opportunity to work in Washington D.C. or even overseas. work experience while doing something great for the nation. an internship unlike any other. With 63 different career options to choose from, they’ll be sure to find something that peaks their interest. There are 63 different career options for student’s to choose from, so all From the classroom to the real world, get the professional experience that majors are applicable for an internship. This is a great opportunity for your will take you far. Find out more about the U.S. Department of State and its Please advise your students to learn more about this internship opportunity. student programs at Temple’s Career Expo Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 student’s to gain valuable work experience, to represent America, and to do Have them visit the table of the U.S. Department of State at Temple Univer- from 11a.m.-4p.m. at the Liacouras Center. To learn more about the U.S. something great for the nation. sity’s Career Expo on Thursday October 2nd, 2008 from 11a.m. – 4p.m. in the Department of State please visit www.careers.state.gov/dec08. Don’t miss Liacouras Center. Representatives will be available to discuss the opportuni- Please urge your students to seek opportunities that will ultimately better out. Success is in your future. ties in more detail and to answer any questions that student’s may present. their future. Keep them informed about the Career Expo, tell them about the Success is in their future if you show them the way. U.S. Department of State, and guide them to www.careers.state.gov/dec08 for more detailed information. Success is in their future if you show them the For more information for both you and the students, please visit www.ca- way. reers.state.gov/dec08. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Sincerely, Diamond Edge Communications Diamond Edge Communications Temple’s Student-Run Advertising Agency Temple’s Student-Run Advertising Agency
  9. 9. Online Media Craigslist/Barefoot Student ads: An advertisement was placed on Craigslist and Barefoot Students, which is an employment site geared specifically toward college aged students and graduate students. The purpose of the advertisements were: • To build awareness among college students of the many opportunities available within the U.S. Department of State • To inform students about the deadline to apply • To encourage students to visit careers.state.gov/dec08 Facebook Flyer for Internship: This thumbnail advertisement was designed to Need an Internship? communicate with a specific target audience on Facebook. It was designed to fit the specifications required. The image contained the headline that was consistent throughout our campaign and the Travel, Learn, and copy delivered the message with a call-to-action. Represent. Apply by November 3rd for a Summer ‘09 Internship unlike any other. Visit the website and apply today.
  10. 10. Events Career Expo: Flyers from the 2007 Career Expo were updated to reflect the current year and distributed on Temple, Drexel and University of Pennsylvania campuses to generate awareness of the U.S. Department of State’s presence at the 2008 Career Expo. Information Sessions: Information sessions were conducted in order to directly communicate with the student body. These sessions were held in the Student Activities Center at Temple University, which is an ideal location for providing students with information since it receives heavy foot traffic. The first session’s focus was to enlighten students about the internship opportunities available while the second session’s focus was on piquing the interest of older students and graduates about obtaining a career as a Foreign Service Officer. Our main objective was to have students sign up for the FSO Test. For both information sessions, we set up a table that displayed pamphlets, booklets, and pens, as well as our designed giveaways, which included coffee sleeves and water bottles. These items grabbed the attention of the students and from that point, we were able to provide them with general information, direct them to the website, obtain their e-mail addresses, and answer any further questions they may have had. Your Internship Promotional Items: Your Passion d l Wor We distributed the following items to students during the the to ort events and around campus to establish long-term reminders p ass rP You of The U.S. Department of State as an option for internship and career opportunities. U.S. Department of State Careers Equal Opportunity Employer Representing U.S. citizenship required America Visit careers.state.gov/dec08
  11. 11. Foreign Service Foreign Service Officer Pamphlet: In order to increase the number of FSO test applicants, our team thought it would be a good idea to develop a pamphlet that was designed to communicate specifically to the target audience, college students and graduates. The idea was to present general information about a career as an FSO, as well as to include its benefits that would be most important to this demographic. The copy utilized common language so that the information could be easily understood, and the layout was very simplistic so that the reader would want to review the entire pamphlet. Given the current economic situation, the pamphlet focused on job security along with the additional benefits that a career as an FSO has to offer. The following pieces were not part of the main campaign and were still in the working stages at the end of the project. As A Forei ure gn ut Bene ts of becoming an FSO Things you should know • Starting salary of over $40,000 with • Ranked in Business Week’s Top Five F Se as most desirable employers among a Bachelor’s degree r rvi You undergraduates. (2008) Caree • Student Loan Repayment Program ur Secure Your • Ten paid holidays Foreign Service Recognized by Business Week as Future as a • Officer r ce O o Y T “The 12th Best Place to Launch Your Secure What is an FSO and what do they do? a bene ts package You will receive Career” d od Fin including: ff • Ranked as Universum’s #3 “Ideal ay Foreign Service Officers • are advocates perceptiveness, dedication, and creativity, Health Plan Employer” among undergraduates. icer (2006) of American foreign policy. Retirement Plan • They protect FSOs will overcome tasks that may be • Ranked as #6 Best Place to Work in • Sick Leave American citizens and promote American difficult, dangerous, or even create the Federal Government (2007) O cers assigned overseas will also business interests around the world. There hardships. This is why we areRatedlooking by current employees • only highly ica receive: Ca are over 265 embassies, consulates, and for those who will be dedicated and Worklife Satisfaction in the Quality • Government-provided housing er re Survey missions entirely devoted to promoting prepared to step up for their nation. rs • Furniture m e A Re presenting peace, stability, and prosperity. Through This why we want you! FSO Eligibility Requirements • Utilities at post • Home leave (including travel • All applicants must be U.S. Travel the World, expenses) citizens on the date they submit Learn New Languages, their registration package. • Shipment of automobiles to overseas posts • On the day you submit your Explore Different Cultures. registration, you must be at least 20 Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to travel • Hospitalization bene ts years old and no older than 59 years the world, touch the lives of others, and secure a Additional Bene ts of age. stable career after college. • Education allowances & travel for • On the day you are appointed as a dependent children Foreign Service O cer, you must be U.S. Department of State • Cost-of-living allowances at least 21 years old, and not yet 60. Equal Opportunity Employer • Language incentive pay • You must also be available for d U.S. Worl Citizenship Required worldwide assignments, including • Special compensation for danger/ Careers Representing America ecareers.state.gov/dec08 Visit th Washington, D.C. hardship posts when applicable to to learn more. rt po U.S. Department of State ass rP You Equal Opportunity Employer U.S. Citizenship Required Visit careers.state.gov/dec08
  12. 12. Campaign Summary In September 2008, the U.S. Department of State challenged our team to increase student applications for the 2009 Summer internship program and the Foreign Service Officer’s Test and by their respective late October and early November deadlines. We were asked to emphasize minority, critical language and non-traditional major students. To meet this challenge, our team developed a campaign that focused on reaching students where they spend the majority of their time - online. We focused on student oriented sites such as Craigslist, Barefoot Students, Facebook and their E-mail. All copy was designed to communicate in common language, while maintaining professionalism and the integrity of the information. The headline, “Your Passport to the World” was created to inform students that The internship poster and postcards visually addressed not only ethnic diversity, but diversity in general. Its design was also meant to show students that the U.S. Department of State was not looking for certain “types” of people, but all types of people. Information sessions were held during the weeks before each application deadline to inform encourage students to apply by answering questions and directing them to the website. Promotional items were created and distributed to increase long-term awareness of the U.S. Department of State’s career opportunities. A facebook ad was created the weekend before the internship deadline as a final measure to encourage applications by the deadline. Finally, an FSO pamphlet and poster were created in anticipation for the next FSOT deadline and to encourage them to visit the website for more information.
  13. 13. Campaign Results The following are the results of the facebook ad by The following are the results of the overall campaign: impressions and clicks DATE HITS VISITS 10/5-10/11 8 4 10/12-10/18 2 1 10/19-10/25 42 21 10/26-11/1 63 34 1/2-11/8 116 56 11/9-11/15 4 2 11/16-11/22 6 3 We can deduce that the increased number in results during the campaign from the dates of 10/19 - 11/8 were from the information sessions, the Online Media blasts and the facebook impressions results.
  14. 14. Special Recognition Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Marra Public Relations: Mary Kirk Office Manager: Tamar Shammassian