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Capital One Card Lab Connect IDEA League Case Study


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Capital One Card Lab Connect IDEA League Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study
  2. 2. What is Capital One Card Lab Connect? A free credit card affinity program that allows you to: • Create custom credit card designs with your logo and images • Market the credit card to your supporters • Let donors support you simply by completing their everyday shopping & purchasing
  3. 3. Who is IDEA League? • IDEA League stands for International Dravet Syndrome Epilepsy Action League. • We are a volunteer-based organization that was founded by parents of children with Dravet Syndrome, a progressive childhood neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by severe epilepsy that does not respond well to treatment. • IDEA Leagues seeks to promote research and education for the early diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and cure of Dravet Syndrome.
  4. 4. Why Credit Card Fundraising? With Capital One Card Lab Connect, IDEA sought to: – Provide a new way to support our organization for parents of children with the disease who are financially strapped because of treatments. – Increase awareness and word of mouth exposure for Dravet Syndrome, a rare disease. – Provide a tangible way for an engaged network of parents and professionals to show their pride in their work with IDEA League.
  5. 5. Marketing Plan IDEA League used a combination of online and offline promotion, in addition to word-of-mouth marketing via our supporters. • Online Placements – Homepage of Website – Supporter Websites • Communication – Mailing list of 600 families – Monthly Newsletter – Member forum (~900+ people) – Encouraged members to forward – Flyers at events and conferences
  6. 6. Website Promotion • Prominent website promotion • Compelling photos • Positive messaging on the card image “Everyone has been really positive. We got a lot of good feedback on the card designs we offered and  people were excited to have the opportunity to participate.” – IDEA League
  7. 7. Sample Supporter Site • IDEA League supporters were effective at recruiting participants • The organization provided suggested copy and links for supporter websites
  8. 8. IDEA League Supporters Say the Card is the Ultimate Story Teller “The Capital One card is another excellent way to raise awareness for our children and our cause. [At a recent event] the "buzz phrase" was "just talk about it." I think that the credit card is another way to start talking about Dravet syndrome and epilepsy. My thought is that if you keep on talking about your individual story you never know who might step up to help our cause….We had so many friends, family and complete strangers come forward and offer assistance to us.” -Lisa S., mother of Haley who struggles with Dravet Syndrome and uses her IDEA League Capital One Card to tell her daughter’s story.
  9. 9. Sample Newsletter • IDEA League created a permanent area within their newsletter for the affinity offer. • They provided updates with the total donations through the credit card program. “We explained how this was a simple and effortless way to donate, as well as get ‘Dravet syndrome’ out  there and known to people who would otherwise not come across it.” – IDEA League
  10. 10. Key Takeaways • Activate your board members, volunteers and especially your supporters – Parents of children with the disease were the most enthusiastic. • Keep everyone updated with the success of the program – Members like to be part of a larger group doing good. • Materials from Capital One make the program turn-key – Materials were straight forward and the credit card offer is something that makes sense to a wide audience.
  11. 11. Results "The proceeds from our pilot program allowed us to sponsor a much-needed education program with neurologists at Miami Children's Hospital."
  12. 12. Next Steps Visit to learn more or enroll your nonprofit in Capital One Card Lab Connect