Earthsoft religious-18 sins-9 holy points- 12 promises


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In Jainism there are 18 sins, 9 good deeds and 12 oath Life could be very simple if we follow these.
Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance (EFG) is working as an NGO/NPO for students - Education & Career
guidance and for Professionals for soft skills enhancements. I am working on speading , sharing
knowledge; experience globally.It has uploaded important presentations at
Also has links for all ppt files.


Be mentor using your education, knowledge & experience to contribute for a social cause & do conduct
free training/ workshop seeking help of existing platforms like rotary,etc
Kindly spread to your friends.Thank you!

- Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance
Let us make earth little softer..

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Earthsoft religious-18 sins-9 holy points- 12 promises

  1. 1. Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance Edge-Aggressive-Reliable-Trust-Honesty-Soft-Obedient-Fun-TransparentContact – Making earth little softer
  2. 2. Index • Background • 18 types of Sins • 9 types of good actions • 12 types of Oath/ Promises Making earth little softer
  3. 3. Basic• Jainism philosophy emphasize the necessity of self-effort & sacrifice to move the soul towards divine consciousness & liberation from the cycles of birth and death (Moksha)• Gems of Jainism • Right vision or view (Samyak Darshana) • Right knowledge (Samyak Gyana) and • Right conduct (Samyak Charitra)• It suggests following • 18 types of sins • 9 types of good actions • 12 types of vows (Vrat, Promise) Making earth little softer
  4. 4. About Soul• Any soul conquered its own inner enemies & achieved the state of supreme is called a Jina (conqueror or victor). Ultimate status is - Siddha• Universe has no divine creator, owner, preserver, or destroyer. It is self-regulated. Soul can achieve consciousness through own efforts, actions & sacrifice• Soul is architect of own life based on karma• Its important to control senses & mind, not to get dragged away from true nature of soul• Cultivate personal wisdom & reliance on self control through vows ( त) & develop spirituality Making earth little softer
  5. 5. About Soul• Soul is potentially divine with innate qualities of infinite knowledge, perception, power & bliss masked by its karmas.• When a soul is freed from karmas, attains consciousness, experiencing these qualities• Four things are difficult for a soul to attain • Human birth • Knowledge of the laws governing the souls • Conviction in the philosophy of non-violence • Practicing knowledge in life activities• So not to waste human life in evil ways, & rise to spiritual evolution. Making earth little softer
  6. 6. Non-Violence• Non-violence to be in soul consciousness rather than body, is the foundation of right view, knowledge and the conduct• Non violence - Do not harm or kill anyone and being kind to all living beings• It leads to a state of being unattached, being non-judgmental and non-violent.• Includes non-exploitation, compassion & forgiveness in thoughts, words & actions.• It also results respecting views of others Making earth little softer
  7. 7. Possession• Limit possessions. Lead a useful, peaceful & happy life for everyone & others. Owning an object is not possessiveness but the attachment to it• Non-possessiveness is balance of needs & desires. Avoid greed, be happy• Enjoy the company of the holy and better-qualified, be merciful to afflicted souls, and tolerate the perversely inclined• Utilise money to help & support Making earth little softer
  8. 8. Summary Making earth little softer
  9. 9. Non-violence Non-violence means not to injure any creature by thought, word or deed Be vegetarian, save animals & environment Making earth little softer
  10. 10. Cheating-Telling lie Do not cheat, people will loose trust Do not threaten your self esteem & relationships Making earth little softer
  11. 11. Theft Stealing - An unauthorized change of possession Do not steal, live & demo with highest respect Making earth little softer
  12. 12. Adultery Prostitution costs life, money, respect & prestige It creates social problems for future generations Making earth little softer
  13. 13. PossessionMakes you loose thoughtful mind, moral compass &sound sleep. Earth provides enough to satisfy everymans needs, but not every mans greed – Gandhi Making earth little softer
  14. 14. AngerMakes you loose health, friends & relationshipsHolding anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intentof throwing it at someone else; you are the one who getsburned - Buddha Making earth little softer
  15. 15. EgoMost self-destructive mechanism of a person’s characterand his or her abilities, Can make life miserableMakes you loose good opportunities & position Making earth little softer
  16. 16. HypocriteSay what you think, Do what you say ,Live whatyou believe! Everyone is smart enough tounderstand you! Making earth little softer
  17. 17. GreedinessThe world is burning in the fire of desire, greed,arrogance and excessive ego. Greed exhausts theperson in an endless effort without reaching satisfaction Making earth little softer
  18. 18. AttachmentAttachment is the root of all fear & sorrow.Let the senses work at will & under control of mindDetach and attain the supreme perfection of freedom! Making earth little softer
  19. 19. HatredLove is life, hatred is death. Hate the sin & not the sinnerHate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hatermore than it injures the hated. Making earth little softer
  20. 20. QuarrelAn eye for an eye will only make the whole world blindWhenever you are confronted with an opponent.Conquer with love..its the way of life Making earth little softer
  21. 21. SlurA defamatory or negative statement made to harmsomeone, don’t forget one finger always points at youDon’t hit below belt, have direct & effective dialoguePerson slanders others, and pollutes himself with his ownfilth. Raising slur can costs the relationship Making earth little softer
  22. 22. BackbiteComplaining, backbiting, raising slur, crying, worrying,gossiping, wasting time are dissipation of valuable energyIt divides family, develop bitterness & costs relationship Making earth little softer
  23. 23. Blaming someoneI don’t blame, its pain to store, I don’t want to hurt me!Do not blame, provide the solutionGood work is criticized but do not stop! Making earth little softer
  24. 24. ContradictionRational behavior within limits is a pillar of society formAnimals should not feel shame on our act!Thought->Word->Behaviour->Habits-> Values-> Destiny Making earth little softer
  25. 25. ManipulateWealth without work & business without ethics is crime.Do not manipulate & get involved in fraudulent activities.We are governed by law & not by you! Making earth little softer
  26. 26. Unlike faithTo achieve dream requires faith and belief in yourself,vision, hard work, determination, and dedicationDo not allow unlike faith to grow bigger than wise faith Making earth little softer
  27. 27. Recap Making earth little softer
  28. 28. Summary Making earth little softer
  29. 29. FoodWorldwide 925 million people are hungry42% people in India fall below poverty lineSave food, collect & distribute donate food, save lives Making earth little softer
  30. 30. WaterXx lit water needed per person780 million people unserved of drinking water globallySave each drop of water, donate it to human & creaturesRe-harvest water, use deep irrigation to save water Making earth little softer
  31. 31. Offer shelterOffering shelter to a person on religiousassignment or guests Making earth little softer
  32. 32. Offer place to sleepOffering place to sleep or shelter to a person onreligious assignment or guests Making earth little softer
  33. 33. Offer clothesOffering clothes to poor, saints or monksCollect used clothes & then distribute to poor Making earth little softer
  34. 34. Wishing the bestWish the best for everyoneDo whatever the best for everyone Making earth little softer
  35. 35. SpeakingHuman beings have been awarded with ability ofspeaking, Make good use , speak good words & politelyMake others feel good & happy Making earth little softer
  36. 36. HelpingHelp people in need like old people or patients,offer them your services & time. Making earth little softer
  37. 37. PolitenessAdopt politeness in the culture, behave politelySay hello and act with politeness Making earth little softer
  38. 38. Recap Making earth little softer
  39. 39. Summary Making earth little softer
  40. 40. Non-violenceTake a oath. We will not kill animals & creaturesWe will not exploit animals but save Making earth little softer
  41. 41. Manipulation & telling lieTake a oath..We will not lie. We will notmanipulate people or things to seek beneficits Making earth little softer
  42. 42. Do not stealTake a oath. We neither ourselves nor encourageothers to steal the things possessed by others. Making earth little softer
  43. 43. AdulteryTake a oath We will not prostitute. We will treatperson of opposite sex like brother or sister Making earth little softer
  44. 44. GreedinessTake a oath..We will utilise % of money earned forsocial cause like offering education, clothes,medicine to poor or donation for religious places Making earth little softer
  45. 45. Moving aroundWe will limit our movements so as to reduce theunnecessary expenses Making earth little softer
  46. 46. Controlling & limitingWe will control our mind, take controlled intake forbetter health, limit luxurious items to save money Making earth little softer
  47. 47. Non violenceWe will not encourage violence, kill or exploitanimals. We will not eat non-vegetarian food toprotect our health & save environment Making earth little softer
  48. 48. Be religiousWe will be polite & religious by nature, keep faithin religious activities, align & hold the religion Making earth little softer
  49. 49. Recap Making earth little softer
  50. 50. Change the life style • Please think about these points • Its your life, you should be owner • You decide what is right & wrong • Live accordingly, live dangerously! • We suggest to adopt as much & align to religion practices, it helps not just to you but future generations too! Making earth little softer
  51. 51. Thank You Making earth little softer