The Destructibles


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Take a look at my final presentation to the AdCouncil for The Big Ad Gig competition. Didn\'t win, but judges dug it.

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The Destructibles

  1. 1. Think Before You Speak Claudio Venturini
  2. 2. insights Teens may not mean any harm when they say homophobic slurs such as “That’s so Gay,” “Faggot,” “Dyke”. The reality is, they still hurt.
  3. 3. insights We’ve learned that this type of language is very destructive to LGBT teens and leads to more overt harassment.
  4. 4. plan Because these slurs are a part of teens’ vernacular, we have to proceed carefully or risk aggravating the prejudice this campaign seeks to reduce. With humor and a program to endorse, we can deliver a sensitive message that has a broad appeal.
  5. 5. Idea Develop an event for teens to participate in that actively tries to reduce the prevalent use of homophobic slurs.
  6. 6. Every month we’ll ask teens for their pledge to not use destructive language such as “So Gay,” Dyke,” “Fag”... and leave the destruction to the pros,
  7. 7. Our first project could entail 5000 pledges needed to complete the imploding of a large abandoned building. The next, perhaps an old submarine. Every pledge we receive counts as one stick of dynamite, validating teens’ positive actions through a visual experience.
  8. 8. When all the pledges are in, the countdown begins for the destruction to take place (can be CG).
  9. 9. Down with Homophobic Slurs TV Use multi-channel episodic content to promote the event. Live look-in executions show the Destructibles place your dynamite on location.
  10. 10. Through online channels, the Destructibles reach out to individuals and thank them for their actions and continued support. Run contests for the chance to be the one to pull the trigger. Broadcast the implosion on TV or as a live event online.
  11. 11. By asking teens to pledge not to use homophobic slurs we are actively trying to remove these slurs from their vernacular. Whether they do it because they want to be a part of an event, or because they have begun to understand how powerful their language can be, we are helping all students feel safe in school again.
  12. 12. TV SET NO MORE :30TV OPEN ON A FULLY BUILT MINIATURE SET OF A CITY. THE DETAILS ARE JUST WONDERFULLY CRAFTED. A MAN WALKS INTO FRAME AND TALKS INTO CAMERA MATTER-OF-FACTLY. MAN: When you use homophobic language out of habit, without ever thinking about the effects it has on others, you don't need to crush something to show how damaging this language can be. CONTINUES TO WALK TOWARD THE MINIATURE CITY SET AND CASUALLY GRABS A LARGE HAMMER. MAN: We don't need to…. but heck.... we really want to.  CUT TO A SHOT OF THE MAN SWINGING WILDLY  CRUSHING THE SET AND EVERYTHING AROUND HIM. CUT TO A BLACK SWEEP AVO: You don’t need to say “That’s so Gay” to say what you need to say. Think before you speak.
  13. 13. Thank you