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Payza a leading global online payment platform


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Payza a leading global online payment platform

  1. 1. Payza- A Leading Global Online Payment Platform
  2. 2. Payza is a wholly owned subsidiary of MH Pillars Ltd. of London, United Kingdom. It is a leading global online payment platform specifically designed for e- commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses across the globe. Members of this outstanding e-wallet platform are facilitated with convenient and flexible loading as well as withdrawal options like localized bank transfers, global bank wires, credit/debit card, checks, prepaid cards, and more.
  3. 3. This online payment platform is an established e- commerce business that enables its members to make payments quickly and securely through the internet. Personal users can benefit from this service by transferring money internationally, purchasing goods and services online, and making payments conveniently through the web, thereby bolstering local economies in a global marketplace. Merchants use this online business management tool to process payments, issue invoices, and make payouts.Payza bridges the gap between the emerging and developed marketplaces.
  4. 4. It provides its members (regardless of their financial credentials) with a platform where they can make transactions online and participate within the global marketplace. This e-commerce business operates in 21 currencies in more than 190 countries and has over 9 million members. It offers a fabulous assortment of services to merchants around the world by providing them a complete solution that streamlines the process of accepting payments and managing their businesses. Not only this, Payza also offers a myriad of other services pertaining to foreign exchange, fraud screening, email invoicing, mass and single remittances and business management tools.
  5. 5. Ferhan Patel has been Payza’s Executive Vice President of Corporate and Product Marketing. During his tenureship, he utilized his creative business acumen and in-depth regulatory knowledge to lead the company’s product development strategies, marketing operations, strategic alliances, and new market opportunities. He was responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategies that focus on product identity, placement and strategic promotion, brand awareness, customer engagement, and a lot more. Recently, Ferhan Patel became Payza’s Chief Compliance Officer and the Director of Global Risk and Compliance.
  6. 6. Being in this position, he oversees Risk, Fraud and Compliance Departments and is responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s AML/CTF, Compliance, and Fraud and Risk Mitigation policies.He also ensures that these policies are integrated into the design of each product and service of Payza. Being a Certified Financial Crime Specialist and an Anti- Money Laundering Certified Associate, Ferhan is currently preparing for both the Certified Anti- Money Laundering Specialist and the Certified Fraud Examiners examinations.
  7. 7. Thanks Payza