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The	  Italian	  FACO	  Facility	  for	  the	                      F-­‐35	     Basic	  Capabili;es	  and	  the	  Approach	  
Baseline	  Considera;ons	  •  Establish	  in	  a	  Three	  Year	  Time	  Frame,	  a	  FACO	  Standup	     Capability;	  • ...
Objec;ves	  of	  FACO	  •  Sized	  and	  equipped	  to	  achieve	  a	  full	  rate	  of	  24	     aircraX	  /year	  within...
 FACO	  Plant	  Site	                    WING	  PRODUCTION	                    SERVICES	                    AIRCRAFT	  PRO...
Contract	  Elements	  Highlights	                               •    20	  facili;es	       FACILITIES	  AND	     •    Appr...
WING	  Produc;on	  &	  Assembly	  •        Wing	  produc;on/Assembly	  is	  the	  biggest	  Italian	  industrial	  return	...
 FACO	  Plant	  Site	  –	  February	  2011	  	  
 FACO	  Plant	  Site	  –	  August	  2012	  8	  
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Italian FACO for the F-35


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The Italians have made significant, long-term commitments to the JSF program.

They accepted the challenge; more importantly they acknowledge it as a challenge. And are doing everything they can to lean forward as a country, both industry and government, to make both Italy and more importantly the JSF program successful.

SLD: Because the F-35 is a global program, what might be the impact of the Italian effort on others?

White: Japan is looking seriously at the Italian model and the possibility of setting up a FACO in Japan. They have already visited Italy to look at the approach and to think about a similar site in Japan.

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Italian FACO for the F-35

  1. 1. The  Italian  FACO  Facility  for  the   F-­‐35   Basic  Capabili;es  and  the  Approach  
  2. 2. Baseline  Considera;ons  •  Establish  in  a  Three  Year  Time  Frame,  a  FACO  Standup   Capability;  •  To  do  so  requires:   –  An  integrated  set  of  processes,  people,  knowledge,   informa;on,  infrastructures,  tooling  and  produc;on   equipment  •  Objec;ves:     –  Modern  energy  efficient,  state  of  the  art  facility   –  Enclosed  in  Air  Force  installa;on  for  enhanced  security  •  Co-­‐located  with  current  MRO&U  center  of  excellence   for  Italian  na;onal  fighter  fleet  (Typhoon,  Tornado)    
  3. 3. Objec;ves  of  FACO  •  Sized  and  equipped  to  achieve  a  full  rate  of  24   aircraX  /year  within  3  years  (2016)  to   accommodate  ITALY  +  NETHERLANDS  deliveries  •  FACO  Capability  Stand-­‐Up:   –  Same  produc;on  standard    and  security  level  as   required  by  the  F-­‐35  Program  for  deliveries  by  LM   Fort  Worth   –  Built-­‐in  provisions  for  transi;oning  to  aircraX  MRO&U   center     –  Following  Stand-­‐Up,  Alenia  performs  aircraX   assembly  /  check  out  under  separate  subcontract   from  Lockheed  Mar;n  (LRIP  +  MYP)    
  4. 4.  FACO  Plant  Site   WING  PRODUCTION   SERVICES   AIRCRAFT  PRODUCTION   OTHER  BUILDINGS   F9b   F1   F9   F-­‐16    WING     FACO/MRO&U   Warehouse   F12   Chemical   Canteen   F14  Warehouse   F11   Offices   RecepLon   F-­‐8     ATF   F4   F15   Finishes   Power  Plant   F10   F2   Explosives   Fuel  Barn   F13                                                        FaciliLes  &   F6   ULliLes  Support   F19   Hangar   F-­‐18  WING   Fire  Brigade   F-­‐8  STOVL  Pit  
  5. 5. Contract  Elements  Highlights   •  20  facili;es   FACILITIES  AND   •  Approx.  140,000  sq  meters  of  covered  space   INFRASTRUCTURE   •  On  a  101-­‐acre  site     •  More  than  2000  assembly-­‐related  pieces  of  Capital  Equipment,  including  high-­‐CAPITAL  EQUIPMENT   technology  paint  robots,  li^s,  drill  presses,  and  scales   •  Includes  work  stands,  benches,  toolboxes,  racks,  and  office  furniture     •  Set  of  approx.  1400  producLon  tools  and  producLon  aids   TOOLING   •  Modified  for  European  Union  compliance  and  electrical  system  requirements     TEST   •  More  than  300  pieces  of  Test  Equipment   EQUIPMENT   •  Modified  for  European  Union  compliance  and  electrical  system  requirements     •  More  than  1200  pieces  of  Support  Equipment  SUPPORT  EQUIPMENT   •  Modified  for  European  Union  compliance  and  electrical  system  requirements     •  IniLal  instructor  and  specialist  training  in  US   TECHNOLOGY   •  On-­‐the-­‐Job  Training  with  support  from  experienced  LM  personnel   TRANSFER   •  Long-­‐term  on  site  Technical  Assistance     •  Integrated  manufacturing  planning,  quality  management,  transportaLon,   PRODUCTION   product  management,  and  supply  systems   DATA   •  Job  Guides  derived  from  the  Fort  Worth  ones  in  conjuncLon  with  LM,  adapted  5   to  step  producLon  
  6. 6. WING  Produc;on  &  Assembly  •  Wing  produc;on/Assembly  is  the  biggest  Italian  industrial  return   within  the  F-­‐35  Program   –  Produc;on  and  assembly  of  ≈  1000  wing  sets  as  the  LM  second  source   FACO   Fort  Worth     (USA)   Wing  producLon   Wing  assembly   FACO   Cameri   WING  CARRY-­‐THRU   WING  CARRY-­‐THRU   OUTER  WING  BOX   FULL  WING   FORWARD   AFT   RT/LT   AleniaAermacchi  WING  ProducLon  and  Assembly  Capability   located  in  3  plants  (Foggia,  Nola  and  Cameri)  
  7. 7.  FACO  Plant  Site  –  February  2011    
  8. 8.  FACO  Plant  Site  –  August  2012  8