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Talking to Future: Dialogue with youth

Present Listening to Future Perfect.

Youth Conference By TERRE Policy Centre

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Talking to Future: Dialogue with youth

  1. 1.                   Press  Release       Dialogue  with  youth:  Talking  to  Future     TERRE  Launches  new  initiative       Pune,  18  Feb  2015,  Demographic  dividend  of  India  is   represented  by  65%  of  youth  below  age  of  35.    It  is  now   sited  at  global  and  national  fora  as  one  of  the  indicators  of   India’s  status  as  emerging  power.  The  quintessential  step  to   derive  benefit  from  such  dividend  is  to  provide  platform  for   youth  to  freely  express  their  ideas,  suggestions  and  projects   on  economic,  social  and  environmental  issues.       TERRE  Policy  Centre  is  launching  a  new  initiative  to  provide   such  platform  for  youth  where  they  can  interact  with   experts.  “  Youth  are  the  representatives  of  our  common   future.  Listening  to  them  is  the  seminal  need  of  today.  Such   dialogue  would  be  like  talking  to  the  future”,  said  Rajendra   Shende,  Chairman  of  TERRE  Policy  Centre”.       The  theme  of  first  ever  such  dialogue  with  youth  will  revolve   around  the  ‘  water,  climate  and  energy’.    The  decade  2014-­‐ 2024  is  UN  Decade  for  Sustainable  Energy  for  All  and  2015  is   the  year  when  Sustainable  Development  Goals  (  SDGs)  will   be  finalized  by  all  the  countries  in  the  world.  It  is  also  the   year  when  in  Paris  the  new  global  agreement  on  the  climate   change  will  be  reached.  “  It  is  therefore  important  that  we   listen  to  youth  from  collages  and  universities”,  added  Mr.   Shende  .         Nearly  50  pre-­‐selected  papers  would  be  presented  by  the   students  from  engineering,  science  and  business  for  the  
  2. 2. extensive  interaction  with  the  jury  consisting  of    Alumni  of   IIMs,  IITs,  NGOs,  industry,  government  and  academics  from   Singapore,  United  Arab  Emirates  and  India.  The  select   papers  with  their  ideas  and  projects  would  then  be   disseminated  to  the  national  and  international  audience.         The  event  called  as  ‘  TERRE  YuCon’  is  being  held  on  20-­‐21st   February  2015  in  partnership  with  MITSOM  (MIT  School  of   Management)  and  MACS  (  MIT  College  of  Arts,  Commerce  and   Science)  in  Pune.     Contact:  Dr.  Vinita  Apte,  President  TERRE   See: