Communication technology in 2022 a


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Communication technology in 2022 a

  1. 1. What will the communication technology landscape look like in 2022 A.D. By: Rachael L. McClellan
  2. 2. Where we’ve been… Technology is the way of the world today! Communication technologies have come so far, from telegraphs and letters to emailing and cell phones. It’s incredible to see how much technology has changed our communication and knowing where communication technology is headed will be vital in keeping up with the way of the world! “Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology” John Tudor quotes
  3. 3. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations The diffusion of innovations, also referred to as diffusion theory, was developed by Everett Rogers (1962; 2003) This theory tries to explain how an innovation is communicated over time through different channels to members of a social system.
  4. 4. Future of theInternet/PC’s  PC’s are capable of doing so much for us already. In just a few years they will be able to do so much more. PC’s and the Internet will essentially become touch less and perhaps run off of voice.  It will be difficult to function in society without owning a PC and having access to the internet because the world is already transitioning into only using the internet for most tasks.
  5. 5. Moore’s Innovation Adoption Rate Moore (2001) further explored diffusion of innovations and high-tech marketing in Crossing the Chasm. He noted there are gaps between the innovators and the early adopters, the early adopters and the early majority, and the early majority and late majority.
  6. 6. Gaming in the Future Gaming systems will become entirely virtual in which gamers will be able to see one another from any location and play as if they are in the same room together. Gaming will even become more ‘real’ like. The advancement of technology will lead to greater graphics and gaming systems will seem almost real because the detail will be so intense and sharp.
  7. 7. Critical Mass Theory There have to be some innovators and early adopters who are willing to take the risk to try a new interactive technology. These users are the “critical mass,” a small segment of the population that chooses to make big contributions to the public good (Markus, 1987).
  8. 8. Future for Education Instead of textbooks, schools will soon be virtual and paperless. Students will all have iPads and tablets that have copies of their PDF textbooks. The advancement of technology will lead to greater resources for educational purposes, and students will soon become experts in the technology field because they will have to add many more classes that explain and teach technology.
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