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This is an 'annotated' version of slides I presented at the 2009 Barcamp Nashville, October 17. (Typically, I don't have many words on slides, but I added some before posting this online version.)

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Rex Hammock's Wiki 101

  1. 1. wiki 101 RexHammock's
  2. 2. First, there was HypercardHypercard
  3. 3. Hypercard You installed this on this to do this.
  4. 4. Hypercard Basically, this was just this
  5. 5. Hypercard ...with hyperlinks. Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States served from March 1861 until April 1865. Born in Kentucky Had a beard, but no mustache. Kentucky Originally a part of Virginia, in 1792 it became the 15th state 37th largest state in terms of total area 36th largest in land area ranks 26th in population
  6. 6. They'recalled indexcards forareason.
  7. 7. Ward Cunningham
  8. 8. Butnotthe TomBosley character on HappyDays named Howard Cunningham
  9. 9. Andnot Ward Cleaver
  10. 10. whowas Beaver's dad.
  11. 11. This Ward Cunningham
  12. 12. wanted aweb application thatworked likeHypercard.
  13. 13. Sohe created WikiWikiWeb
  14. 14. Named after Wiki-WikiBus
  15. 15. Review1 2 3
  16. 16. That ledto this
  17. 17. Butit looked like this.
  18. 18. Forpeople who need bullet points.
  19. 19. wikis are not just this
  20. 20. Wikisaremerely awaytocreate content,then collect& oraganizeit.
  21. 21. Wikis canbethework ofoneperson, ormany, oreveryone.
  22. 22. Anykindof information
  23. 23. Anykindof information I consider a wiki.
  24. 24. Anykindof information But when it comes to searching for movie information, Google seems to like Wikipedia better.
  25. 25. Anykindof information Google "Starwars"and you'll get 2 wikis on the first SERP.
  26. 26. Anykindof information Personal favorite:
  27. 27. Anykindof information For breaking news and complex topics, I believe a wiki provides a more 'native' model of using the web than traditional narrative news reporting.
  28. 28. Anykindof information has recognized this, but Times Topics has not yet figured out the 'breaking' part.
  29. 29. Business ModelEveryone asks this, so I thought I'd throw some samples in. This company owns... and lots more wikis. (
  30. 30. Business Model Developing and managing enterprise (behind-the-firewall) wikis for knowledge- managent and colloaborative work flow.
  31. 31. Business Model Providing customer or "supply chain" support for companies with mystery business models.
  32. 32. Business Model Intuit's serves "tax professionals," (i.e., the entire market for these products: http://proseries.
  33. 33. Business Model Our company ( maintains this wiki. Our business is helping companies and associations create and manage all types of customer and member media. (Note not-to-subtle product placement.)
  34. 34. SeeAlso:
  35. 35. SeeAlso: For the more technically inclined who want to host their own wiki.
  36. 36. SeeAlso: Play around on Google sites. Check out Wetpaint & Wikia.
  37. 37. SeeAlso: I believe any CMS that allows you to create "pages" is a potential wiki platform.
  38. 38. Twomorethings: 2SecretsofWikis AWikiisnotonewebsite. Every entryisa website.
  39. 39. Seed Feed Weed Twomorethings: 2SecretsofWikis The only metaphor you'll ever need for wiki success.
  40. 40. SeeAlso:
  41. 41. ExternalLinks: @r Creative Commons license for this: