Tips for Restaurant Managers


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Recruiting for a restaurant can be tedious work. From sifting through a few hundred resumes to finding the perfect candidate, Recruiter Box offers a robust assortment of solutions that simplify the process. Organize your resumes in a single database, search for keywords to find candidates that meet your needs and collaborate with fellow team members so that everyone is included in the hiring process.

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Tips for Restaurant Managers

  1. 1. recruiterbox Tips for Restaurant Managers: Picking a Good Candidate Resume
  2. 2. The Recruitment Dilemma Restaurant managers deal with high turnover rates. Positions must be filled quickly and by the right candidate due to the high demands of the job. Restaurant managers can receive several hundred applications for the same position – making it hard to sift through and find the right candidate. . Restaurant managers can receive dozens of well-qualified applicants, but have no way to sort or distinguish one candidate from another.
  3. 3. Look for a Sizzling Summary • Read the candidate’s objective and see if the first two sentences grab your attention – if so, add it to a pile to review further. • Look for resumes that are short and concise. Only relevant job experience, training and schooling should be listed. • Look for summarized accomplishments with each past job – see what the potential candidate can bring to your restaurant if hired. Recruiterbox does not target recruitment firms and staffing consultants
  4. 4. Search for Keywords • • • Search for specific experience or skill keywords, such as “French cuisine” or “line cook” or “sous chef” Search for specific culinary schools or training programs that you would expect from a good candidate, such as “Culinary Institute of America” or “Le Cordon Bleu” Search for resumes that use skill keywords you requested in your job opening, such as “Organized” or “Team Leader” or even “Pastry Cook”
  5. 5. See Who Follows the Rules • Place specific instructions in your job posting, such as including a cover letter or providing proof of a food handler’s permit • See what resumes follow your directions and keep them for review • An applicant who follows directions is ideal for the restaurant setting because he or she has proven they’re detailoriented and can follow instruction – something crucial in the restaurant industry
  6. 6. Check for Proper Formatting • • • • Resume should be free of spelling and grammar errors The candidate should use a professional email address and not use any slang terms in his or her statements Resume should use a common font in 10 to 12 point size Resume should have the proper layout: – Contact information, objective statement, work history, education and references.
  7. 7. How Recruiter Box Can Help • • • • Simplify Resume Management: Collect resumes/cover letters and organize them in a single location, quickly find contact information to notify a candidate of his or her interview, accept resumes digitally or in paper form, instantly identify duplicate applicants, quickly search resumes for targeted keywords. Track Applicant Progress: Assign different staff members to different candidates, track an applicant’s status, archive applicants or flag applicants for positions in the future. Manage Job Postings: Instantly manage and publish your open positions and even generate customized questionnaires so you can weed out inappropriate applicants. Recruit as a Team: Share notes and evaluations with other restaurant staff so that everyone is involved in the hiring process.
  8. 8. Contact Recruiterbox Today! •