Foods that help shed fat


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Can the foods you eat help you shed fat? Can what you eat really make a difference? This presentation helps to shed some light on this subject. It is not meant to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject.

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Foods that help shed fat

  1. 1. Foods that help shed fat Is this a myth?
  2. 2. Foods that help shed fat • Can what you eat help you lose fat, not just weight but actual fat • Many opinions on this, however, some compelling signs point to the fact you can eat to help you lose fat
  3. 3. Ketogenic Diet • Among those who wish to obtain very low body fat percentages the Ketogenic diet is popular • The Ketogenic diet however has been proven to decrease athletic performance • Keeping your body in a ketogenic state for long periods of time can be risky to your health
  4. 4. What is the Ketogenic Diet? • This is a diet meant to put your body into a primarily ketogenic state or one where it is forced to burn body fat • To do this you consume mostly protein and fats and avoid any carbohydrates • The principle behind this is to get your body to move stored fat to be used to maintain energy levels
  5. 5. What about negative calories? • There are some foods that due to their high amount of fiber take a lot for the body to digest • If the calories of any food are less then what it takes for the body to digest then one could argue that this food has negative calories – A classic example of this would be celery as it is very high in fiber but very low in calories
  6. 6. Weight loss vs. Fat loss • Many people focus solely on weight loss and not fat loss • By gaining muscle mass you increase your metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn each day naturally • If you have a negative calorie deficit each day then you are bound to lose weight • However, if your goal is to “tone up” then building muscle should also be your goal
  7. 7. Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss • A calorie deficit can be difficult to maintain to start • Avoiding hunger would involve eating foods that fill you up but don’t have many calories • There are several diets that can do this but the best one on the market is probably “Fighter Diet” by Pauline Nordine
  8. 8. Where to keep your focus • If your goal is to lose weight then you may also lose muscle mass as well • Routinely checking your body fat percentage would be helpful to getting that really athletic look that many aspire to • As well performance improvements in your various sports activities could be helpful means to measure if you are getting better overall as a person
  9. 9. Final Conclusions • Weight loss goals can be difficult to obtain if you don’t have the right mindset • Only focusing on weight loss instead of fat loss can lead you down the wrong path • Building muscle while losing weight will get you faster results and better results in the end
  10. 10. Want to know more? • If you wish to know more about this then please feel free to visit my blog at: • • As well you can read my in depth article on this subject here: • help-shred-fat-myth-or-reality/