Air ambulance in delhi-flymed rescue's


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Dr. Vikas kataria is a founder of Air Ambulance Delhi and has developed his philosophy to provide advanced air ambulance services at his venture. The Team, which at all times has a Mature Stress Doctor and a specially trained Paramedic, perform advanced medical treatments, normally only found in the Medical center Urgent Division, in time critical, deadly situations. Tasks commonly include serious traffic crashes, commercial injuries, attacks and injuries on the train network.

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Air ambulance in delhi-flymed rescue's

  1. 1. Are you Hire an Air Ambulance in Delhi? You are only well known of the land-based ambulance, I am right? Well, an air hospital vehicle is a focused airplane is particularly configured to house sophisticated health gadgets and lifesaving equipment. These vehicles ambulances are better than four-wheeled or traditional ambulances because they can journey isolated localities and can convey patients to clinics, both localized and overseas. Despite their dissimilarities and limitations, both exist to save lives. You know what are an air ambulance and its importance? Now days, there are many accidents is sheer irresponsibility of some important aspects which could have prevented the casualty. Today, Disasters, illnesses, accidents, injuries and catastrophes occur unexpectedly in lifelike floods, war, work-related accidents, volcanic eruptions and many more. When you medical practitioners propose taking the patients to other countries to avail specialized treatment then this is one position only air hospital vehicle can do and customary four-wheeled hospital vehicle and helicopter-type hospital vehicle will not do due to limited assets and capabilities. Moving critically injured or sick patients is safer through air ambulance than customary road ambulance.
  2. 2. Flymed Rescue’s Air Ambulance is the flying icu by our helicopter and flights , around the world with all multispecialty medical and medicine care with the experts in 24/ 7*365 days any where any time, for the purpose of saving the lives of people around us. Peculiar Features: Flymed Rescue’s Air Ambulance is one of the most reputed Ambulance service providers in Delhi and outside. It stands forth in terms of provision of specialized services and is highly equipped to meet specific purposes and demands of those requiring critical care all round the clock. The trustworthiness of the same does not require us to mention that we have been serving consistently well to a number of prestigious hospitals. Needless to mention, Flymed Rescue’s works tirelessly all round the week, 24 hours a day. Flymed Rescue’s Air Ambulance is provided to the patients requiring medical help at distant places from the cities having all facilities or who need specialized services. Different kinds of aircrafts available depending upon the need and distance for transfer of patients. These kinds of transfers can only be provided at the cities, where the airport is available. Only helicopters can be used for the places where airport is not available and patients can be transferred within a distance of about 300 kms of destination. The time of transfers can only be decided depending upon the weather conditions, airport timings and availability of aircrafts. A Doctor and a nurse accompany the patient from "bedside to bedside" throughout the transfer. Type of air ambulance in New DelhiAir ambulance Helicopter Air ambulance Flights Air ambulance Seaplane Air ambulance Space shuttle
  3. 3. Feature of the Flymed Rescue’s Air Ambulance in New Delhi Air ambulance Advance ICU support Medical escort 24/7 All the multispecialty Doctor and aero nurse will available in air ambulance ICU to ICU transfers (inter-hospital intensive care patients) Ventilator-dependent patients Cardiac emergencies Multi-trauma cases Spinal cord/head injury Rehabilitation Transplant recipients Babies and children needing emergency
  4. 4. Contact Flymed Rescue’sAny Person in the world Any Organization Any Company’s Any Governments’ departments Any Insurance company’s Dr. Vikas Kataria Address: - H-113, ASHOK VIHAR PHASE-1, NEW DELHI 110052 Phone:-9899856933