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How much-does-it-cost-to-get-a-patent-in-india-invn tree

  1. 1. How much does it cost to get a patent in India?Understanding the cost structure corresponding to applying for a patent can help in making someimportant decisions. Hence, instead of having a generic idea about the overall cost, it helps if youare aware of the breakdown of the cost structure and the time of incurring such expenses.The overall cost of obtaining a patent includes the fee that has to be paid to the patent office(statutory fee) and the fee paid to the patent service provider (professional fee). The professionalfee varies based on the service provider you may select. Hence, in this article I will deal onlywith the statutory fee.The statutory fee depends on who the applicant of the patent is. The Indian Patent Office (IPO)has categorized the applicants into 2 categories: 1. Natural person 2. Other than natural personAny individual(s) applying for a patent is considered as a natural person. On the other hand, allother entities that do not fall under the first category, naturally fall under the second category.For example, legal entities, such as, companies would fall under the second category. It shall benoted that, a patent application can have more than one applicant, and even if one of theapplicants do not fall under the first category, then the patent application is considered to be filedby the second category applicants.The patent office collects 4 times the fee from the second category applicants as compared tofirst category applicants.In this article, I will list down the fee applicable to the first category applicants. You may simplemultiply this fee with 4 to determine the fee applicable to second category applicants.Sl. No. Description Fee (in INR, Comment 1$ = ~INR 45) 1 Application for grant of patent 1000 Mandatory 2 Early publication fee 2500 Optional 3 Request for examination of patent 2500 Mandatory application 4 Extra pages 100/Sheet Optional 5 Extra claims 200/Claim Optional
  2. 2. Sl. No. 1A fee of INR 1000 has to be paid while submitting the patent application in the IPO.Sl. No. 2A fee of INR 2500 has to be paid if you wish to have your patent application published by theIPO early. If this request is not made, then the IPO publishes your patent application after 18months from priority date (date on which you first file a patent application for your invention).There are several advantages of having a patent application published early. Some of theadvantages are: early publication can help in expediting the patent application examinationprocess and the patent rights start from the date of publication.Sl. No. 3A fee of INR 2500 has to be paid, requesting the IPO to examine your patent application. Thisfee can be paid within 48 months from the priority date. However, note that the patent office putsyour application in queue for examination only after receiving this fee. Hence, if you want toexpedite the patent process, it is advisable to pay this fee at the earliest.Sl. No. 4The IPO accepts patent specification, which has up to 30 sheets without charging any extra fee.However, if the specification crosses 30 sheets, then a fee of INR 100/sheet for each extra sheethas to be paid to the IPO.Sl. No. 5Further, the IPO accepts patent specification, which has up to 10 claims (no limitation onindependent claims) without charging any extra fee. However, if the specification has more than10 claims, then a fee of INR 200/Claim for each extra claim has to be paid to the IPO.I hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to contact us to know more about how ourpatent services can help you in your business.Thank you,Team InvnTree
  3. 3. About InvnTreeInvnTree is a people and processes driven company that offers a wide array of patent services.We leverage our technology and patent expertise to provide quality patent services.InvnTree caters to a global clientele that includes technology companies ranging from largecorporations to start-ups, individual inventors, academic institutes, in-house IP counsel, IPlicensing and management companies, law firms, and investors.InvnTree has its delivery centre in Bangalore, India. Our location gives us the leverage to tapinto the best talent available in India. From here, our team of experienced and dedicatedprofessionals, work in accordance with lean processes to deliver high quality services atcompetitive prices. Our team includes professional having advanced degrees in science andengineering, from prestigious institutes; all of who have strong experience is delivering a widearray of patent services.We understand that no two clients are the same, and even for a single client, their needs mayvary over time. Hence, we do not employ a rigid service pricing model. We have an array offlexible client engagement models that are mutually beneficial. We even offer free patentstrategy consulting to our clients.Further, we believe that safeguarding information disclosed by our clients is of paramountimportance. Hence, we have taken stringent legal, technological, process and physical measuresto safeguard sensitive client information. India USA Contact person Kartik Puttaiah Vikas L Jayaram Designation Co-founder and CEO Client engagement executive Email Phone +91-80-42124165; +91 98863 34262 +1-917-207-9649 Address No. 93, 2nd floor, 21st Main, BSK 2nd stage, Bangalore – 560070,