Hillsong faith hope love (2009)


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Hillsong faith hope love (2009)

  1. 1. The First And Last You’re the name above all names The Lamb that was SlainBm A G You are Yeah, the First and the LastYou are the First and the Last You are the First and the Last D ABeginning and the End For Your Name Bm A GThe promise of wonders to come D A F# C# E BThe future is in Your hands Weve got a new life in the light of Your love G D Bm A D F# C# E BCaught in the light with all the earth we will sing Called by name to the Savior of all A G# F# EBm A G Weve got a new songYou are the Author of love A G# F# E D A Generations will sing oh-oh oh-oh.Our freedom is in Your name F# C# E BBm A G Weve got a new hope, all because of the crossEmbracing the crossment for us F# C# E B D A Saved by the grace, You have given to usAnd bought us to life again A G# F# EG D Bm A D Weve got a new song,Caught in the love with all we are let us sing A G# F# E All the nations will sing oh-oh oh-oh.CHORUS: D A D AGod our hope and our salvation For Your name shout in all the EarthBm D F# EWorthy of all the praise Great above our lives light of our salvation D ABe our light everlasting F# C# E BG D Bm A D For Your glory, we will give all we areGreat is Your name Jesus the First and the Last F# C# E B All our lives, for the love of Your SonBm A G A G# F# EShow us the way of Your love Weve got a new songD A A G# F# ELead us towards the truth Now that we are redeemed oh-oh oh-oh.Bm A GStir up the fire in us D A D A For Your name shout in all the EarthTo live out this life for you F# EG D Bm A D Great above our lives light of our salvationCaught in Your name Jesus forever we’ll sing D A Nations rise sing of all You areCHORUS F# E Holy is Your name lifted high forever.BRIDGE: G D A D A E B F#mEvery heart every nation will hear the sound And our hope is in the Saviour’s love G D A D EAs your light breaks through the darkness and Your name rings out You gave it all G DA D A E B F#mEvery distant horizon will meet as one Let all Earth sing to Christ our King G G D ESinging holy is Your name Be lifted up G GWe sing holy is Your name.CHORUSENDING:You are the First and the LastYou are, You’re the Alpha and OmegaThe Beginning and the EndOur salvation You bring freedomGod Your grace it knows no end Page 1
  2. 2. Glow G Gsus4 Gsus2 G What grace divine, what selflessness C G Gsus4 DLost and stranded empty handed That Christ would bear the weight Am F G Gsus4 Gsus2 GBroken down and all alone Our proof is scarred on hands that bled C C D GYour mercy it entered into darkness That we were worth every nail Am FAnd enfolded us in love C G And all the praise and glory to God G Am F Em DWe give You all we are for the glory of Your name We sing Hallelujah, sing Hallelujah G Am F C GWe give all we are for Your praise For the King has carried the cross C D G C He is risen from the graveJust a glimmer of Your glory Am F G Gsus4 Gsus2 GAnd the Earth falls to it’s knees Beyond the tomb to holy skies C G Gsus4 DYou level the mountains with a whisper He rose in victory Am F G Gsus4 Gsus2 GAnd You calm the raging seas And bridged for us the great divide C D G C His life is our libertyLet the Earth come to lifeIn the light of Heaven’s glow C G Am And all the praise and glory to GodAnd the streets sound with joy Em D F We sing Hallelujah, sing HallelujahAs the shackles lose their hold C GG Am F For the King has carried the cross You laid down Your life for one and all C D GG Am F C- He is risen from the grave So we give all we are to You alone. C, G, Csus2, Am, C, Em, Csus2, Am C C, G, Csus2, Am, C, Em, Csus2, AmThis means freedom for the captive Am F CAnd good news for those in need Its Your love C GYou message is justice and compassion Its Your love Am F Csus2God of Love and Prince of Peace Its Your love AmG Am F That has saved meWith one voice we sing Hallelujah CAll the Earth cry out Hallelujah Its Your bloodWith the angels sing Hallelujah EmJesus Christ is King Its Your blood Csus2 Its Your bloodIts Your Love Am That has cleaned meG Gsus4 Gsus2 G C G D AmUpon the hill on Calvary Oh-Oh, Woah, WoahG Gsus4 DHe came from Heavens throne C G D AmG Gsus4 Gsus2 G Oh-Oh, Woah, WoahOur fallenness and mercy meetC D G C, G, Csus2, Am, C, Em, Csus2, AmWhere blood and water flow C, G, Csus2, Am, C, Em, Csus2, Am Page 2
  3. 3. No Reason To Hide G Your love is ours D D Nothing compares to youWeve got nothing to lose D Em G Nothing could ever separate usweve got no reason to hide G Bm From this loveweve got the answer inside of us G Dits time we took the disguises off Nothing can separate us D Cwell see your glory revealed Nothing can come between us G Em Gand see your name lifted high Nothing can separate us now Bmthere is nobody else for us G God One And OnlyJesus you are the only one G C D In a world that’s lost and seekingWoah G C Em G You’re the answer to every need I knowYoure alive and we are free Am Bm It’s You aloneYou are everything G CAb Db///|Dbsus4/Db/| I find a hope for all my lifeEverything we need woah! G C Em I’m living as a sacrifice for You D Am G CTheres not a minute to waste In freedom and in truth GNot a second to lose C G D Am Bm Always I know You are here and You live in meTheres a city that waits for us C G Am G In my life You’re the only one I need.Its time we took all the lamp shades off C D Jesus I believeWell see your glory revealed G G CAnd see your name lifted high You’re the one who saved my soul Bm G CThere is nobody else for us You gave me life so I give it back to G EmJesus you are the only one You C D My God God one and onlyWoah G G CLove has spoken and we believe Now I stand in Your salvation Bm G C EmYou are everything I keep the faith and I fix my life on YouAb Db///|Dbsus4/Db/| Am G CEverything we need My hope is found in You.Woah!D C DWo - oah You chose the cross and You took Em my placeWo - oah C G And I believe itWo – oah D This is love that I can’t explainD CNothing compares to you Yes I believe itD Em G C (3X)Nothing could ever separate us now God one and only Page 3
  4. 4. The Wonder Of Your Love We The Redeemed C/E F G DYou inhabit the praises of your people There is nothing like your love C/E F G BmYou delight in the glory of your Son No exchange for all you gave C/E F G D/F# GIn the love of the Father we will worship To be welcomed into life C/E F G G DIn the kingdom of God we find our home So I could know a love that saves C/E F G Am DThe wonder of your love will break the chains that bind us Now forever to belong C/E F G BmThe power of your touch releases us to worship To walk with you for all my days A GC Am Theres no greater love than thisSing out to God sing hallelujah, With all we are we will worship You G DG F (C) You are the Author and the wayHoly is your name, Holy is your name (Oh God) G C/E F G This is the sound of the redeemedTogether well lift the name of Jesus A C/E F G Rising Up to praise the KingTogether well sing of your great love D/F# Bm C/E F G Our hope is in youWe will join with the Angels to praise You G C/E F G This is the sound of the redeemedMay our voices be pleasing to you God A Rising up to praise the kingC F (x 8)G F (C) D GHoly is your Name, Holy is your name (Oh God) (x 2) Singing: Glorious, Glorious One A You have saved usHis Glory Appears Bm G Honour and power and praiseD Bm AYou gave me hope To the Saviour F#m G D Dsus2 GYou made me whole at the cross You are the answer,D Bm Bm GYou took my place You are the answer... F#mYou showed me grace D G Asus4 A Dsus2 D You come with power come with fireAt the cross where You died for me Bm G D A Bm As we lift your name on highAnd His glory appears like the light from the sun A G G D A-Asus4-A And join with all the saints to singAge to age He shines D G D Bringing honour to the kingOh, look to the skies Em Bm D GHear the angels cry, singing Singing, Glorious, Glorious One A G AHoly is the Lord You have saved us Bm GINTERLUDE Honour and power and praiseD Em Bm G A To the SaviourREPEAT and resolve to D at END G You are the answer, Bm G You are the answer... Page 4
  5. 5. Bm DWe the redeemed, All my fears swept awayD/F# G Bmhear us singing In the light of your embraceG G DYou are holy, You are holy... Where your love is all I need Bm A and forever I am freeWe Will See Him Bm Where the streets are made of gold G D Am7 C G G DI will lift my eyes only to God alone in your presence healed and whole G D Am7 C G G AI will set my heart trust in the Holy One Let the songs of heaven rise to you alone G D Am7 C GI will live in faith knowing His Word is sure D G D Am7 C G No weepingShout loud to Earth the harvest is here and now G No hurt or painAm7 C G BmGreat is our God in all the Earth No sufferingAm7 C D GGreat is our God in all the Earth You hold me now A C G You hold me nowWe will see Him DC D Am7 No darknessComing on the clouds of Heaven exalted G C G No sick or painWe will see Him BmC D Am7 C G Am7 C G No hidingHigh and lifted up he reigns in majesty in holiness GAlmighty One You hold me now A D G D Am7 C G You hold me nowI will live in hope that Jesus is coming soon G D Am7 C G DEvery nation sing glory to Christ our King In this life I will stand Am7 C G G BmWe’ll see the glory of His Word through my joy and my pain Am7 C D G DAll of His promises revealed Knowing there’s a greater day Bm AC G D Am7 Theres a hope that never failsSee his glory shine forever D C D Where your name is lifted highIn light of all G BmC G D D and forever praises riseHallelujah lift Him higher G DC D For the glory of your nameFor our God reigns Bm A Im believing for the day Bm Where the wars and violence ceaseYou Hold Me Now G D All creation lives in peace G A D Let the songs of heaven rise to you aloneOn that day when I see, G Bm Dall that you have for me For eternity G D GWhen I see You face to face, all my heart will give Bm A Bm Gthere surrounded by your grace all the glory to your name Page 5
  6. 6. I Will Exalt You YahwehCapo 4 Intro: C-D-Em-G (with rhythm) G C C D Em GI will exalt You Our God He lives forever G C C G AmI will exalt You He reigns in power and love G C C D Em GI will exalt You Let earth bow down before Him D G Am C G DYou are my God For He is exalted D Am7 Pre-Chorus 1:My hiding place Em C G D C G We look to Yahweh YahwehMy safe refuge Em C G D D Am7 C Forever Yahweh YahwehMy treasure, Lord, You are D Am7 Verse 2:My friend and King C D Em GC G/B G Our hope is God AlmightyAnointed One C G Am Am D His love is greater than allMost ho-o-o-ly C D Em G Lift high the God of Heaven G C Am C G DBecause Youre with me Give all the honor G CBecause Youre with me Pre-Chorus 2: G C Em C G DBecause Youre with me We look to Yahweh Yahweh C G Em C G DI will not fear Our hope is Yahweh Yahweh Chorus: G And He shall reign forever D He shall reign forever Am Em He shall reign C D Forever and ever C (Our God) Page 6