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Im Not Ashamed                               Bm D/F#                                              i have nothing moreC G D...
You Are My Strength                                     C#m E B                                                        i e...
BRIDGE:C#m B A                         ChorusHoly Lord                             DEB                              Lord Y...
To Know Your Name                            C                                             giver of lifeBm G D A X2       ...
F#                                                 great is your namelet the world see                                  F#...
Here In My Life                               You Are FaithfulE F# G#m E                                    BE F# G#m E   ...
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Hillsong saviour king (2007)


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Hillsong saviour king (2007)

  1. 1. Im Not Ashamed Bm D/F# i have nothing moreC G D x6 DAEm G C Am x4 than all You offer me Bm A there is nothing elseEm G C Am GAWhen You found me thats of worth to meEm G C AmMy whole world changedEm G C Am D A BmIm redeemed by Your life and i love You LordEm G C Am GDLet the earth sing You rescued meEm G C Am A BmYou are freedom You are all that i wantEm G C Am GDTurn my darkness to light Youre all i needCG G A Bm D/F#You welcome me inDCWith open arms GGD i pray to Youinto unending light A Bm D/F# God of peace GGD i rest in Youim not ashamed of the gospel Lord A Bm AEm my cares releasedYour power Your loveCYou saved my soul BRIDGE:G D Em D A Bm Gnow im alive in You D A Bm GCi live in the risen Son D in Your freedom i will live BmEm G C Am X4 in Your freedom i will live D/F# G i offer devotionEm G C Am D/F# Gi live in the risen Son i offer devotionSaviour King: In Your Freedomby HillsongG A BmGAi search for YouBm D/F#God of strengthGAi bow to YouBmin my brokennessG A Bm D/F#and no other king could have so humbly comeG A Bm Ato save my soul and heal my heart Page 1
  2. 2. You Are My Strength C#m E B i enter your courts with an offering of praiseG A E B C#myou are my strength i am your servant come to bring you gloryC ABEstrength like no other as is fit for the work of your handsG/B Dstrength like no otherG CHORUS 1:reaches to me AG now unto the lambyou are my hope EC who sits on the thronehope like no other B C#m AG/B be glory and honor and praisehope like no other ADG all of creationreaches to me E resounds with the song BC worship and praise himin the fullness of your grace BAEm the lord of lordsin the power of your nameDGyou lift me up C#m E B ACD the spirit now living and dwelling within meyou lift me up C#m E B keep my eyes fixed ever upon Jesus face A E B C#mG let not the things of this world ever sway meunfailing love ABEC ill run till i finish the racestronger than mountainsG/Bdeeper than oceans CHORUS 2:DG Areaches to me singing unto the lamb E who sits on the throneCGD B C#m Ayour love oh lord be glory and honor and praiseEm C G D Em Areaches to the heavens all of creationCGD Eyour faithfulness resounds with the songEm C G D Breaches to the sky worship and praise B the lordLord of Lords A now unto the lambC#m E B A EC#m E B A who sits on the throneC#m E B B C#m A be glory and honor and praiseC#m E B A AEbeholding your beauty is all i long for all of eternity echoes the songC#m E B Bto worship You Jesus with my souls desire worship and praise himA E B C#m BAfor this very heart you have shaped for your pleasure the lord of lordsAEBfor the purpose to lift your name highC#m E B Ahear and surrender in pure adoration Page 2
  3. 3. BRIDGE:C#m B A ChorusHoly Lord DEB Lord Your nameYou are Holy AC#m B A Is higher than the heavensJesus Christ BmE Lord Your nameis the Lord G D Is higher than all created things ACHORUS 3: Higher than hopeA G Dnow unto the lamb Higher than dreamsE D A D A Emwho sits on the throne The name of the LordB C#m Abe glory and honor and praise Verse 3:A In the days of troublecall all the saints You cover meE In the secret place of refugeto join in the song Lord I will singBworship and praise him Bridge:BA G Athe lord of lords I will seek Your faceE Bm A Dhes lord of lords Call upon Your Name... JesusA G Alord of lords All I want is YouE Dlord of lords Jesus, JesusOne ThingCapo: 3rdIntro:D A Em ...Verse 1:D EmOne thing I desireA Bm GOne thing I seekD EmTo gaze upon Your beautyA BmYour MajestyVerse 2:D EmGod of my salvationA Bm GLifter of my headD EmTeach me how to live O LordA DIn your righteousnessPre Chorus: Em Bm Asus4 ASo I pray to You Em Bm ASo I pray to You Page 3
  4. 4. To Know Your Name C giver of lifeBm G D A X2 Em hope for the lostBm G D Dthe precious blood of jesus christ redeems is in youA Cforgiven, im alive, restored, set free all of the earthBm G D Emyour majesty resides inside of me shines with your lightA Dforever i believe your gloryBmforever i believe GBm G D you are the god who livesarrested by a truth and righteousness DA Bm you are the god who healsyour grace has overwhelmed my brokenness EmBm G D who are my hopeconvicted by your spirit, let by your word CA my everythingyour love will never fail GG you brought salvation to usyour love will never fail D offered your peace to the earthDA Emi know you gave you are my lordBm G Cthe world your only son for us my everythingDAto know your name GBm G in your promiseto live within the saviours love D EmDA and your faithfulnesshe took my place CBm G i will trustknowing hed be crucified DDA all my daysyou loved, you loved GBm G king forevera people undeserving D Em great in majestyBRIDGE: CDD A Bm G be glorified GGod Of Ages im trusting you DG D Em C D im trusting you EmG im trusting youGod of ages CD Em with all my heartbringing glory hereCyou are goodD In The Mysteryyou are goodG B G#mson of righteousnessD Em Byou are all i see in your nameCD G#mwith all my heart there is hope when all seems lost E G#m there is freedom in the power of the cross Page 4
  5. 5. F# great is your namelet the world see F#B great is your namein your nameG#mthere is truth where logic fails You Saw MeE G#munderstanding that makes sense of our days FCFCF#you are worthy FCpre-chorus: your glory fills the heavensC#m E B FChear the song of all creation roar your glory fills the earthC#m E B F# FCwere crying out as one to you our God still you chose surrenderG#m Am Gnow show us the way of your love you gave yourself for meE FCand we will come running god of my salvation FCchorus: hope and righteouSnessB FCall for Jesus name you paid the price of freedomF# Am Gyour love displayed, we are alive in the mystery you took a lonely crossEall the sinners gainG#m FCthe life you gave bless the lord alwaysE F G Amwell sing your praise for eternity, Lord bless your holy name F C/EB G#m bless the lord alwaysB G#m FGC bless your holy nameverse2:Bin your name G AmG#m and you saw methere is mercy without end FCE G#m when you took a crown of thornsovertaking us now time and again G Am FF# your blood washed over melet the world see G AmB and you love mein your name FCG#m through the nails that you borethere is love that never fails G Am FE G#m and your blood washes over meand the promise that your Word will prevailF#you are worthy FC amazing like no other FCbridge: grace without endG#m E FCwe will sing as your word has promised Am GB you died and rose againhallelujahF#hallelujah INSTRUMENTAL:E CFhallelujahG#m Page 5
  6. 6. Here In My Life You Are FaithfulE F# G#m E BE F# G#m E thought of all the years BBE how you cared for mei have never walked on water BG#m E you have made mefelt the waves beneath my feet but G#mBE you who savesat your word lord, ill receive your E F#G#m E and carried me alwaysfaith to walk on oceans deepF# E B E F#and i remember how you found me you are faithfulB F# B G#min the very same place you are faithfulE Eall my failing you are faithfulG#m F# G#msurely would have drowned me your joy is my strengthEstill you made a way B lord you are my guideB F# Byou are my freedom i rely on youC#m B G#mJesus youre the reason i put my hope in things not seenEB E F#im kneeling again at your throne your promises are trueF#where would i beC#m BRIDGE:without you here in my life E G#mE E G#mhere in my life E EBE always youre with meyou have said that all the heavens B/D#G#m E your hand will lead mesing for joy at one who finds the C# F#BE my trust is in your nameway to freedom, truth of jesusG#m Ebought from death into His lifeF# E Band i remember how you saw meF#through the eyes of your graceEand though the cost wasG#myour beloved for meEstill you made a wayBRIDGE:E F# G#m EE F# G#m Eyou are my freedom, Jesus Youre the reason Page 6