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Macys adventure


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Macys adventure

  1. 1. Macys Adventure<br />Composed by:<br />Shahani Ranasinghe<br />Irirs Bowers<br />
  2. 2. Synopsis<br />“Macys Adventure” is a montage of pictures describing one girls experience while shopping at Macys. As she walks around the department store she sees a beautiful jacket which she instantly falls in love with. However when she makes her way to the cashier to purchase the jacket, she doesn’t have any money. She is forced to put away the jacket she loved so dearly. As she sits on the floor pouting, as if she was a child, she discovers something which reassures her. Could it be the magic of macy’s (as stated in their logo)? Watch Macys Adventure and find out if the girl is able to get the jacket she fell in love with or would she have to reside to wearing her old jacket till she gets paid in two weeks. <br />
  3. 3. Key Concepts<br />We used:<br />Picture montage with music to tell our story<br />Flat lighting-because we didn't have much control of our surrounding at Macys<br />We used Extreme Long Shots to establish our setting while we used medium shots throughout most of the production to tell our story.<br />Our angled shots gave depth to the girl and gave the audience more sense of a location to at where the main character was. <br />If we were to have used video:<br />we would of used a lot of dramatic zooming in<br />Tracking shots - following the girl throughout the store<br />Point of View shots to show the audience what she sees. For example, when she is looking at the price tag, we would make that shot seem as though we are seeing it from her eyes.<br />We would of had better control over the light. - maybe a slow fall up, we could of made it feel whimsical by adding like a spotlight to the jacket, as if it's calling to her. <br />
  4. 4. Macys Adventure<br />Macys Adventure was shot in the Woodbridge Mall Macys<br />Photos taken by:<br />Shahani R.<br />Edited by:<br />Shahani and Iris<br />Actor:<br />AlikiGalanos<br />Music by:<br />Here We Go<br />Trey Songs<br />TRT: 1.10<br />