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Comcast is the worst cable company ever


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Comcast is the worst cable company ever

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Comcast is the worst cable company ever

  1. 1. Please Mr. President, Obama please, help us with Comcast, you can read all these compains about Comcast service, so you will know what we are asking for your help. There so many complains in Google that Shaki De Peña Careful with this Company.... Worse experience in my life. I cancel my services one week after acquiring them. Worse customer service ever. Internet speed is not as they promise. Do not border, they do not care about the customer. Many hidden charges show up on the first bill. If they offer you a free technician to fix any type of problem ...BE AWARE.... they would charge you anyway. There is a sense of chaos with this company. Orestes Gonzalez worst customer service ever !!! they don't know anything, the keep you on the phone for hours an they never solve the problems. Jose Merino I hate this company with a passion. There costumer service is terrible, they are understaffed, The internet that they provide is decent(when it decides to actually work). Last but not least, I could get better television reception if i was on the island in the show LOST! Terrible company. they need to go out of business. Gabriel Dieguez I gave comcast 1 star because there is no negative numbers here. This place is horrible. Bad customer service, long lines every day, boxes are constantly going bad, they even ran out of boxes to give and I had to wait even longer for a box to arrive, I've had to wait over 1 hour to be helped on several occasions. ANGELIQUE SPENCER Comcast is the worst cable company ever. The customer service sucks. They hang up on yu alot. I had an installation scheduled on a Monday and they came 2 days later. TWO DAYS LATER. And it still wasn't in the appointment window. He call hours ahead of the scheduled time saying he was 30 mins away then ten mins later he tells me he's at 1950 sw when he should be on 1950 nw. Freaking Comcast gave him the wrong address.
  2. 2. I would never recommended them to anyone. I cancelled my service and just went to direct tv. faby blandon I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE LIARS PROMISE A FLAT RATE AND THEN THEY CHARGE YOU THE TRIPPLE. ..I DONT KNOW HOW CAN PEOPLE KEEP ON USING THIS CRAP...DISH IS ONE OF THE BEST GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DIRECT TV ALSO IS GREAT Enrique Hipolito There should be a half star!! I chatted with a representative and I was just asking basic stuff. And this Chris fellow not sure if it was a man or a woman was so rude. He/she asked "what is it that you don't understand?" What I don't understand is how this b!tch still has a job and why comcast is still in business??!! This is one of the gazillion reason why comcast and time warner should NEVER merge. Consumers will be the losers in the end. Tati Parsons This company is the worst of the worst. I was a customer for less than one week. Today I called 4 times each call last 30 minutes and they hang up on me. Comcast has the worst and not prepared staff. My TVs in Comcast channel were blinking, has a big green line on the right side, ...etc. For every technician visit we have to pay $40. Can you imagine that we are paying for a service, the service does not perform well, the service is not good and over that problem we need to pay extras to make that service work, WE NEED TO PAY THE TECHNICIAN TO FIX COMCAST PROBLEMS!!! Six days after the installation, I cancelled Comcast. And after all the troubles I ended paying charges they said they wont charge and they charge. I called this DISHONESTY, NO ETHICAL. I feel I was robed in my face. Now I need to go to their location and return the equipment and paid whatever they said...UNBELIEVABLE!!! patrick joseph where do i begin the worst company ever, they hang up on my face so many times i have to tell you for such a big company, they network are sucks, customer service are wort oh my God, they are so rude, it like they don't get paid. but wait it's all about the neighborhood once they know you
  3. 3. calling from a black neighborhood that's when they stay being rude and hang up on your face. i have all my calls recordings Susan Bloom If I could put no stars I would. I am a Lanlord who is trying to move external wires. I have had to call several times to actually find a way to get it done as my request wasn't associated with an account. After being frustrated, being hung up on, put on hold, passed around to different departments, someone told me to schedule something through my Tenant. I finally got an appt, they never called as requested, never came (waited for 1 hour), and when I called in, said they will move the date to next day. Well, needless to say next day came and went, waited, and no-call, no-show. Called them and requested supervisor, said they would call me(yeah right) and called back to speak to Fred Reyes who said he would call me back to try to get the appt the same day (yeah right). Leaving out of town tomorrow and nothing resolved. All this nothingness, required 25 phone calls to Comcast over a week. I know they have a bad reputation for customer service, but this really takes the cake. They should get a trophy for the "Worst Customer Service" ever. Even CNN reported that they have the worst customer service?! This is what happens with a monopoly. We need other Cable providers. Dish is not the same. V Brightside Comcast is the worst cable provider EVER. My bill was NEVER 40!! NEVER. My bill was always $105+ They are a scam. Get any cable provider besides them. They suck. Jaime Musalam How this company stays in business with the horrible customer service is beyond reason. Every single time I have called, something goes wrong and every time I speak to someone, I get different answers to the same questions. Very frustrating to deal with. Wish Verizon would service my area. Laudy Luna I would put negative stars if available. This company has the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. I have been trying to connect service with this company for 3 weeks now and have gotten so many different answers from these people it's ridiculous. I do NOT recommend these people, go somewhere else. I am getting Uverse. Dawn Bryant
  4. 4. It's 8 am on a Saturday morning, half an hour before the place even opens and there is already a line of 20 people waiting outside. I just want to return equipment and get a receipt for it. The outdoor return box is a sketchy option in this seedy neighborhood. Unfortunately this location is the only one for 30 miles. Thank you Comcast for this lovely Saturday morning experience and confirming exactly why I decided not to use your "service". Those in the Miami area should check out webpass for Internet service. Carlos Quinones Terrible customer service, terrible prices, their service center staff are extremely rude. There is no good part of this company. The only reason I do business with them is because they have a monopoly on internet service in my area... I can't even get AT&T to my home (Another terrible company). Google Fiber, help! Tanesha Cox Oh Boy Oho Boy, where do I even being with Comcast customer service.... I work from home and needed to have another cable line installed into my second bedroom. When the technicians came to my house and set the second cable cord up they "accidentaly" reversed the wiring and I was unable to receive Internet service. I called customer service and every representative I spoke to either hung up on me or transfered me to a completely different representative that had no clue to what was going on. In all after speaking with over 20 different reps I decided to go to the local Comcast customer service store. There I was given wrong information again on how to resolve my internet issues. Well, it took one almost two weeks, three different technicians, 25 different customer services representative, and 130 minutes extra of my time(How do I know this because my sprint minute confirmed this) to get my internet back up and running like it was before I called in to have the extra cable cord installed into my home. This was the worst customer service experience I've ever had in my life and I promise Comcast as soon as I find another internet service provider; I do not care how much extra I will have to pay but I would gladly pay to discontinue my services with you!!! And I have been a customer with you all for over 5 years. I now know customer service and loyalty have no meaning to you!!! Quanshay Oneal
  5. 5. Comcast is the worest cable company in the world there over all customer services suck the people are rude there is a long wait to see someone in person or speak to someone over the phone. I hate comcast if there was other cable provers beside comcast they would be out of bussines and it suck when comcast is the only cable company there is. Meghan Phelan This is the worst cable experience I have ever encountered in my life. I have owned 12 homes in my life and hooked up cable in all of these homes. This was by far the worst of the worst in all of those installations. First and foremost, they took three weeks to complete the job of setting cable up in my home. During those three weeks they had 5, "NO Call, No Shows." I set the appointment took off work to be there and no one came, no one called, and no one followed up with an apology. All of these instances I had to call and set up a new appointment. The first time someone came to my house they were three hours late. Upon entering my home and inspecting my home he immediately called his supervisor and started speaking in Spanish to him not knowing we speak Spanish. He said to his supervisor he simply did not want to do the job, our house was too big and too much work for him. He left my home and had someone call me to explain that he didn't have the right cable lines and they needed to reschedule. A blatant lie! It had nothing to do with the equipment they had. It was Friday evening and he didn't want to do the work. The next day they sent a crew over to our house and on three occasions a worker tried to get me to sign the work order saying he was finished with the work. After I checked the rooms, I explained I wasn't signing that he was done because he was not done. After a few more times of trying to leave the job unfinished he finally just got in his car and left the house undone. Finally, they sent a third crew out and those individuals were able to complete the job. Now we called to set up our online account and password. We had to call three different times and over 60 minutes to get to the right person. The
  6. 6. problem is still not resolved. Instead of resolving the issue they tried to sell us on more services, UNBELIEVABLE! They are in need of some serious conflict resolution training and customer services training. Justin Ziegler Comcast is understaffed today. 20 min wait to give back equipment. Bad customer experience. Rep was nice, but it doesn't justify such a long wait time. They had a window position open for an extra employee, but they didn't have anyone there. Karl de Borbón the worst service and the most expensive of all, even after you cancel your account and return all the equipments they keep sending you invoice and collection notice until you go back and show them the receipt of return to leave you in peace ,,,,,, real nightmare Gabrielle Wood This is the worst experience ever! I would love to be waiting at the DMV, at least it will go more smoothly there! Ha! I have been here for an hour, and still waiting! Just to pick up a box! I have never seen a place more packed. I have no choice, if I want to have cable. I called last week, and they still couldn't come out to me, so here I am wasting a beautiful day in Miami. Only 3 employees working at a time. Boooo Alex Cordova Men ..I here right now.. my number is 72 and they stay number 31.. also i have 20min and the fckng numbet not change.. Humberto Suarez Worst customer service...2.5 hours waiting / Carlos O is a great manager he made the difference.... Fernando Alvarez Misleading and always claims you have their modems no matter what Riff Raff Terrible service Elvis Vasquez Understaffed.
  7. 7. Dayamante Caballero son unos estafadores de primera te cobran x cosas q ni pides orible el servicio al cliente en especial los del dia 10 de julio 2014 en la tarde k ni responder mis dudas pudieron espero k todo el k lea esto sea tan listo como para retirar sus servicios con Comcast alexander guerra No merecen ni una sola Estrella, son mentirosos y engañadores, empezando por sus técnicos, la primera vez que vinieron a darme servicio de instalación, no pudieron ya que tienen problemas con la red y el técnico reportó que yo no estuve en la cita, ósea dijo que no había nadie en la casa, y él me dijo que más tarde volvía, luego nunca volvió, llame de Nuevo y me dieron otras dos citas para arreglar el poste, ósea la red externa y nunca vinieron, se la pasarán enviando técnicos que no tenían ni la menor idea de cómo arreglar la red, y aparte de eso esta compañía toca tu crédito y no les importa si sales perjudicado. Yo definitivamente no recomiendo que usen comcast, no se metan en problemas y ahorrasen dolores de cabeza con ellos. Jose G. This place is a nightmare! Don't expect to be seen right away; I had to sit on the floor for 2 HOURS before someone was available. There's never enough seating and this is an ongoing issue. It's like they ignore the obvious issues with this place. Some reps are nice and others are the devil. I had a rep give me the wrong cable box 3 TIMES!!! It was only until a tech came out to my house that he told me that my service area required a different cable box model and was surprised that the service center could catch that. I'm really annoyed by this place. Also, after having to go back to get my service fixed and box changed, I looked up the time they open and arrived 15 mins early thinking I'd be one of the first they'd help only to find out I was actually 15 mins late; the service center opens up earlier than the time posted on the door!? That's nuts!! Then change the hours!!!!!!!! Emily V. HORRIBLE!!! OMG!! One of the most horrible places I've ever visited! !!Was going to come after work but since I had somewhere to
  8. 8. be, decided to come during my lunch time. Wasted my entire hour there!!!Where to begin...? They have a security guard directing people to different "lines". There's actually one line and another, non-existent, line for those who want to pay their bills. The problem is there are 3 cashiers (at least yesterday there was) and one of them only takes those who have to pay for their bills. When there are no bill payers left then she assists with equipment problems. So, I get there, see that the line is getting longer and longer and it doesn't move. That's because one cashier decided to take her lunch at this time and there are only two left. One of the cashiers who handles equipment issues was busy with a customer. The other was handling payments. WTF? Not only that but the cashier has to process the payments, it's not like these people just drop it off in an envelope. Another thing, the payment line crosses with the equipment line so that people are constantly bumping into each other. AND to top it off, the cashiers have nasty attitudes!! NIGHTMARE!!!!!This is enough to make you want to switch from Comcast to some other internet/cable provider! The only reason why we don't (the bf and I) is because we've tried Direct TV and that was a nightmare too and more expensive. !!Hopefully, our equipment doesn't break down again so that I won't have to visit this wretched place. But if it does, I'll go to one of the other locations! Was this review …?