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Beginner's guide to scraping by Gerald Quisumbing

Session on scraping by Gerald Quisumbing for PyCon APAC 2017

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Beginner's guide to scraping by Gerald Quisumbing

  1. 1. Beginner’s Guide to Scraping PYCON APAC 2017 by Gerald Quisumbing
  2. 2. What is webscraping? Is the process of extracting information from the web using automated network software Defined by intent not by technology
  3. 3. The scraping process
  4. 4. When should you scrape? No API available (anti) No legal / Robot.txt restrictions crawling-are-perfectly-legal- right/
  5. 5. Workshop Requirements Requests Mechanize* Beautiful Soup Lxml *Only Python 2.x
  6. 6. Workshop proper
  7. 7. Where to go from here? ● Go Python 3 for better Unicode handling ● Invest in learning XPATH ● Javascript processing (Splash, PhantomJS, Selenium) ● Try scrapy for larger projects (like django for scraping) ● Stay Legal (Copyright, Respect robots file)
  8. 8. Need to get in touch? ● ● Python Philippines FB Group scraping Image Credits • Designed by Creativeart / Freepik • Designed by 4045 / Freepik • Designed by nevarpp / 123RF