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usefulness of Proxies


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A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.

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usefulness of Proxies

  1. 1. ProxyA proxy server is a server that acts as anintermediary for requests from clients seekingresources from other servers. A client connectsto the proxy server, requesting some service,such as a file, connection, web page, or otherresource available from a different server andthe proxy server evaluates the request as away to simplify and control its complexity.
  2. 2. Usefulness of ProxyTo keep machines behind it anonymous, mainly for security.To speed up access to resources. Web proxies are commonly usedto cache web pages from a web server.To prevent downloading the same content multiple times.To log / audit usage.To scan transmitted content for malware before delivery.To scan outbound content.To bypass website restrictions at work.Access enhancement/restriction
  3. 3. To apply access policy to network services or content.To access sites prohibited or filtered by your ISP or institution.To bypass security / parental controls.To circumvent Internet filtering to access content otherwise blockedby governments.To allow a web site to make web requests to externally hostedresources when cross-domain restrictions prohibit the web site fromlinking directly to the outside domains.To allow the browser to make web requests to externally hostedcontent on behalf of a website when cross-domain restrictionsprohibit the browser from directly accessing the outside domains.
  4. 4. Geological ProxyIn the study of past climates, known as paleoclimatology, climateproxies are preserved physical characteristics of the past that standin for direct measurements, to enable scientists to reconstruct theclimatic conditions that prevailed during much of the Earths history.As reliable modern records of climate only began in the 1880s,proxies provide a means for scientists to determine climatic patternsbefore record-keeping began. Examples of proxies include ice cores,tree rings, sub-fossil pollen, boreholes, corals, and lake and oceansediments. The character of deposition or rate of growth of theproxies material has been influenced by the climatic conditions of thetime in which they were laid down or grew. Chemical traces producedby climatic changes, such as quantities of particular isotopes, can berecovered from proxies. Some proxies, such as gas bubbles trappedin ice, enable traces of the ancient atmosphere to be recovered andmeasured directly to provide a history of fluctuations in thecomposition of the Earths atmosphere.To produce the most preciseresults, systematic cross-verification between proxy indicators isnecessary for accuracy in readings and record-keeping
  5. 5. Unblocked proxyThere are so many sites which are blocked, by using proxy you canbe able to access those sites. Like e.g
  6. 6. Elite ProxyElite proxies are the proxies which hides their identity. Proxies pcsbecome any firewall beside data obstructive a crook system placedwithin the ISPs additionally to system employees at intervals thecomputer network atmosphere youve got to disable convenience orfiltration content demands to specific websites considereduncomfortable additionally to unsafe for your system additionally toshoppers.Improve potency web sites used by merely website hostswithin the circle for just about anyplace within the personal proxy .once any sort of webhost demands precisely the same website, theparticular proxy host utilizes your d information rather than findingthat once victimization the knowledge provider.
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