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Special Lubricants RIN Codes from Project Sales Corp


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Special Lubricants RIN Codes from Project Sales Corp

  1. 1. Never-Seez Mariner’s Choice16 oz RIN 1116811 Never-Seez High Temperature Stainless 8oz Never-Seez Regular Grade 8oz, 16oz and 8lbs Never-Seez Pure Nickel 8oz RIN 696119 TS-70 Riser and BOP Bolt Paste 4lbs RIN 647900 TS-90 Mud Pump Gear Oil Additive 5 gallons TS-209 Open Gear Lube 35lbs TS-210 Riser Tensioner Lube 35 lbs TS-115 Corrosion Control Grease 40 lbs RIN 10065982 Sweeney 503 Moly Paste for Riser and BOP Bolts 3.8 lbs RIN 647938 Aquashield (formerly Aqualube) Tacky Grease for ROV Arms, Bearings, O rings 37lbs and 8oz tubes Molykote 1000 Thread Paste 1kg RIN 1087065 and Molykote P37 Ultrapure Anti-seize 500g RIN 10117097 Molykote 111 Silicone Compound for O rings, Oil Seals and Rubber Lubrication 1 kg packs Bestolife Ultra 3010 RIN Code 693235 Bestolife Copper Supreme RIN 331991 ASV Copr-lube General Purpose Anti- seize (eqv Copaslip) in 8oz, 500g brush top tins Jetlube WLD Wire Rope Dressing 16 kg packs