The ubiquity of the digital media


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The ubiquity of the digital media

  1. 1. Priyaranjan ‘Ranjan’ Mestri Essay – Ubiquity of Digital MediaExecutive Brand CommunicationsDDB Mudra, India.The ubiquity of digital media is undeniable today because Digital technology is rapidly forgingnew ways for marketers to engage brands with consumers; the marketing industry is findingitself under increasing pressure to reinvent itself. Consumers are playing an important rolein how brands define themselves, technologies are boost i ng at the lightning speed and socialmedia is becoming an integral part of our lives. In India alone, nearly 40 million people areusing online reviews to arrive at informed purchase decisions says a study on social mediausage conducted by Nielsen in collaboration with AbsolutData. Marketers have started to realizethe importance of communication in an interactive way which is unique to Digital and socialmedia and can be extended to mobile and web technologies. Furthermore, the knowledge ofnew media and Digital tools are used to figure out prospects and implications of aproduct/service in a new economyFrom the marketing perspective of analysis according to me three current trends that portend animportant role in our interaction with the target audience are: SOCIAL MEDIA USE OF INTERNET AND WIRELESS DEVICES SEGMENTATION MARKETINGThis is, because conducting research and analyzing data is convenient, fast, cost effective andaccurate which help to identify marketing problems, business opportunities and measurablebusiness plan can be drawn to persuade consumers.SOCIAL MEDIA:84% of the total Indian Internet audience visits social media sites i.e, 33 million internet usersvisit social media in India since we all are social beings we tend to socialize and spend most ofour time online on social platforms and hence, it is about brands engaging with consumers on theconsumer level.Today social media is indispensible for any service or brand because it is young, powerful,futuristic, lucrative and intuitive in nature which can be tailored as per the brand requirements.The impact is absolute and far reaching as the amount of buzz that can be generated isphenomenal compared to any form of advertising or marketing toolsBlogs, Social networks, forums, online communities can help establish a direct contact withconsumers‟ because of their chit-chat and socializing nature on social networks. In a brandsmarketing and communication arsenal, tools like social media marketing and social mediaoptimization are high octane and lucrative 1
  2. 2. Priyaranjan ‘Ranjan’ Mestri Essay – Ubiquity of Digital MediaExecutive Brand CommunicationsDDB Mudra, India.Therefore, brand image can be improved and maintained in fact customers opinion can beinfluenced to a large extent with the help of Social media servicesPlan – T: the most innovative use of Social MediaProduct: Hippo Baked MunchiesRegion: India (New entrant)Year: 2010Background and Challenge: Hippo was a runaway success because of its „Fight Hunger, FightEvil‟ philosophy thus the consumption and sales increased in no time beyond the expectedfigures creating a huge gap between sales and distribution. Consequently, Hippos sales anddistribution team found it very difficult to replenish stocks across 400,000 stores in India as theirsales and distribution strategy was nascent and 92% of Indian retail is unorganizedSolution: Plan – T was invented. Hippo urged its followers on Twitter to inform about emptyracks in the stores via tweet, whenever or wherever they came across one. In order to analyze,monitor and pass the information collected from the tweets to the local distributors in respectiveareas a core cell was established. Twitter followers who tweeted on regular basis about the stockshortage were rewarded with Hippo hampersResult: Hippo bridged the gap between sales and distribution across 50 cities, matched supplywith increasing demands and upped sales by 76% in course of time. Therefore, Plan – T helpedprioritize and identify potential markets and gauge demand to tackle the vast unorganized Indianretail sectorConclusion: The best example of creative use of social media in an interactive way withconsumers in a unique and an effective wayUSE OF INTERNET AND WIRELESS DEVICES:The combination of internet and Wireless devices is of paramount importance in engagingconsumers with the brands because when brands interact with consumers it develops a sense ofbelonging and the presence of the brand is felt better than ever and is registered thoroughly intothe consumers mindFor example: Volkswagen interactive press ad powered by Apple iOSVolkswagen launched an interactive print ad to greet Singapore Happy New Year in tandem withApple iOS devicesIdea: To provide convenience and an augmented reality experience of their automobile modelswith the help of Apple iOS devices 2
  3. 3. Priyaranjan ‘Ranjan’ Mestri Essay – Ubiquity of Digital MediaExecutive Brand CommunicationsDDB Mudra, India.Method: Considering the portability, adaptability and increasing penetration rates of handhelddevices like mobile phones, Volkswagen inserted print ads in one of the Singapore‟s dailynewspaper which allowed users to interact with the press ad using their iPhones by downloadingthe augmented reality app “VW SG” from the app store which activates the augmentedcomponent of the ad by providing an interactive showroom experience as the user could literallybrowse through features, explore interior and exteriors of the model. Additionally, one couldbook a test drive alsoConclusion: Volkswagen is available anywhere and anytime with the help of internet andwireless devicesSEGMENTATION/PERSONALIZED MARKETING:Personalized communication is of utmost importance in today‟s world because consumersquickly tune out of ads, information and communications‟ which are irrelevant to them andhence it is imperative to dispense information or communications‟ which is relevant to aconsumer in a personalized manner. Therefore, segmented/personalized marketing strategies canhelp reach the right target audience at the right time and place as a result of customer loyalty andstrong engagement between the brand and consumersMarkets are categorized into subsets or segments based on their similarity in needs and choicesfor example demographics – age, location, race and economics and psychographics – attitudes,behaviors, motivations and valuesThis kind of information is procured through online interaction and internal database. Once theinformation is collected and segregated, the data is grouped into different segments, with athorough understanding of a typical consumer in each segment. And hence, this allows one todevelop customized marketing strategies and messages relevant for each segmentFor example: Personalized Web, greets a visitor by name and provides recommendations based on one‟s recent/pastpurchases or browsing behavior making the online experience relevant and specialThus, the ubiquity of Digital Media is undeniable and plays an important role in how we interactwith our audience and a vital element of marketing, advertising and communication today. 3