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Prisma Banners - The web's local print shop


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Prisma Banners is an online digital Banner Printing Firm that provides digital printing services at affordable prices with high quality printing. Prisma Banners prints Banners, Posters, Banner Stands, Poster Boards, Sign Displays, Yard Signs, Magnets and Sail Signs.

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Prisma Banners - The web's local print shop

  1. 1. Prisma Banners The web’s local print shop
  2. 2. About Us ★ Prisma Banners is an online print shop where we offer top-quality printing services. ★ We go above and beyond to give you a great shopping experience. Shopping with us is 100% safe and secure. ★ Our fast turnaround gives you the freedom to create a last minute banner for any occasion.
  3. 3. Our Products ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Banners Banner Stands Posters Poster Boards Sign Display Yard Signs Magnets Canvas Sail Signs
  4. 4. Banners ★ Market to your potential audience with Banners ★ Prisma Banners prints Banners with solvent ink on tough, durable material, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. ★ You can print anything that can be designed on a computer - “full color digitally printed” banners available at Prisma Banners
  5. 5. Banner Stands ★ Showcase your products and messages to target audience with Banner Stands in an attractive and convenient way. ★ Prisma Banners designs Banner Stands that are compact, durable, and lightweight. ★ Our wide selection of Banner Stands and Displays will fit your needs.
  6. 6. Posters ★ Find your favourite film, celebrate your musical idols or bring a vintage flavour to your décor with Posters. ★ Prisma Banners has millions of prints and posters available for all of your decorating needs. ★ Our Posters are designed to be eye-catching, all ready to be purchased or customized with your images and text.
  7. 7. Poster Boards ★ Poster Boards can be used to make Signs and Posters, and it can serve as a background for mounting pictures and documents. ★ Prisma Banners provides Poster Boards that are excellent for screen printing and vinyl lettering. ★ Our Poster Boards can be recycled and reused.
  8. 8. Sign Displays ★ Promote your business at trade shows and other promotional events with Sign Displays to stand apart from the competitors. ★ Prisma Banners works with you to provide high quality signs, that are delivered on time. ★ From one Sign to hundreds, our prices are always competitive.
  9. 9. Yard Signs ★ Advertise Real Estate, Political Campaigns and Events with Yard Signs. ★ Prisma Banners offers Yard signs that are printable in full color, on both sides, and you can add photos or texts for free. ★ We ship your Yard Signs at a great price and in record time with our online sign designer.
  10. 10. Magnets ★ Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard or jazz up your refrigerator, dishwasher or any other magnetic metal object with Magnets. ★ Prisma Banners offers high quality Magnets that are printed digitally with UV durable inks to ensure you have long lasting product. ★ Prisma Banners Magnets are the best in the business and you can’ t get better quality magnets cheaper.
  11. 11. Canvas ★ Canvas prints are used in interior designing, with stock images, or customised with personal photographs. ★ Prisma Banners uses only the highest quality material canvases and inks to ensure that your artwork will look great and last a lifetime. ★ It’s easy to turn a favourite photo into a work of art with Prisma Banners Canvas printing.
  12. 12. Sail Signs ★ Announce your Event and Location with Sail Signs. ★ Prisma Banners offers Sail Signs with distinctive shapes that flutter in the wind and make a positive long lasting impression. ★ Attract more attention with eye-catching graphics combined with fluttering movement.
  13. 13. Contact Us Prisma Banners 7-9 Kirby Plaza, Mount Kisco, NY 10549, United States +1 (800) 217-6785 Get Connected