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Be Presentation Sept 2009


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becreativemarketing, your complete event marketing and promotional product supplier. Come check out a few examples of our work.

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Be Presentation Sept 2009

  1. 1. Event Marketing Promotions In-Store Sampling Tradeshows
  2. 2. We partner well with agencies, because we understand your challenges. Every day you are ideating new creative, working on new RFPs, managing current clients and programs, hiring staff, training ambassadors, booking event space, organizing road tours, analyzing & providing program results, and the list goes on and on. You already wear a dozen hats, do you need to be a procurement specialist and supply chain manager? No, that’s what becreativemarketing does for you. We are your one-stop promotional and event marketing supplier, take a look.
  3. 3. What we can supply you….. Custom Apparel Displays Tents, banners, Fulfillment tablecloths, flags Print Promotional Premiums
  4. 4. Services Offered • POP/POS displays . – Corrugate, plastic, metal, wood fabrication, kiosks • Branded garments, private label apparel – Embroidery, silk-screening, sublimation, appliqués. Custom cut and sew. • Promotional premiums & giveaways – ASI Distributor. Hundreds of thousands of options. • Printing – Standard, large format, brochures, easel backs, table tents, etc. – Specialty items; coupons, scratchers, lenticular, danglers, aisle violators • Banners, backdrops, A-frames, signs, EZ-UP pop up tents, floor clings, window clings, tablecloths, flags, inflatables • Fulfillment –Pack and ship to individual ambassadors • Global sourcing • Event support accessories and local audit capability. Think about it... One company can manage the sourcing and procurement needs for your entire program, allowing you to focus on the creative development, staffing management, and execution strategy. Let becreativemarketing do the work for you!
  5. 5. Custom Displays
  6. 6. The Portable Demo Table is the ultimate demonstration and sampling table. It breaks down into a briefcase, complete with handle, is lightweight (7 lbs), and can fit easily into the trunk of your car. Additional event materials can be stored inside, so the event personnel can carry the entire event into the store and set up in minutes. The front and side panels can be completely customized with your company or the product’s branding. Portable Demo Table
  7. 7. Custom Apparel
  8. 8. Premiums
  9. 9. Printing
  10. 10. becreativemarketing can individually pack out your event kits and send them to each event location across the United States and abroad. We are able to integrate client supplied items and additional collateral into the kits at our facility, sending a complete unit to your event ambassador. Fulfillment
  11. 11. A few examples of our work
  12. 12. For 4 years, becreativemarketing has been a primary supplier for the awareness program, Our Work featured at concerts, festivals, and gatherings. We created the tents, tablecloths, banners, backdrops, apparel and also, the unique, attention grabbing items, like bicycle tires, burnt out laptops, destroyed TVs, and auto signs. We supplied multiple premiums including a custom MP3 sock to protect your tunes.
  13. 13. We did not provide the Magic Rice They wanted burnt looking TV sets & computers . We made those too! Your TV blew up….Now What? Get it? Pretty clever, huh? They wanted bike tires spread around the event to appear as if bicycles were stolen. We provided those
  14. 14. For each new Nintendo program, we are asked to contribute. Custom tents, retractable banners, apparel, giveaways, corrugate standees, area rugs, etc. We can do it all.
  15. 15. We supplied the custom pit crew apparel and Tylenol branded premiums
  16. 16. We designed the “cart wrap” for a sampling program that allowed the ambassador to roam around the store and bring the product to the consumer.
  17. 17. For COVERGIRL, we supply branded tents, banners, backdrops, director’s chairs, make up utensils, area rugs, & premiums
  18. 18. becreative is the primary clothing supplier to the USA Men’s and Women’s Water Polo teams. In Beijing, we supplied their robes, warm ups, polo shirts, t-shirts and even their swimsuits.
  19. 19. Wal-Mart's largest retailtainment event to date. We made movie posters, wall signs, a 40’ banner, and some great Chewbacca and Yoda standees.
  20. 20. We supply tents, backdrops, banners, clothing & premiums to State Farm on a wide variety of programs .
  21. 21. Hill’s Pet® Again, we at becreativemarketing display our competitive advantage by offering a wide variety of goods to support the Hill’s Pet® retail program featured in the major pet food chains throughout the United States. We began by creating the in-store display booth for the test market locations. We also produced an array of branded oxford and polo shirts for the event personnel to wear at a variety of locations. Additionally, we have supplied tri-fold table headers, embroidered aprons, coupons, cartwraps, & custom nametags
  22. 22. Concept: To create a promotional display that would clearly show the customer the functionality and simplicity of the product. For Clorox®, this was the first time such a custom display was created. What was asked of us: The client wanted something shaped like a bowl to demo the product on. What we did: We pushed the design to an actual toilet, scaled down to fit a table top display. We then built the corrugate display around it and added the trashcan to show the customer how easy it was to dispose of the dirty cleaning pad. We had our injection mold tooling made in China to save on cost, but produced the product locally to oversee quality. In 3 months we took their basic concept of a simple bowl to delivering a fully interactive display, on time, and 30% under budget. Clorox® Toilet Wand™
  23. 23. Mock up Actual event
  24. 24. Going Green……..? becreativemarketing offers a full line of eco-friendly materials for display items, apparel, & giveaways.
  25. 25. Why becreativemarketing? We specialize in helping our customers create a complete environment for the promotion of their product. We work in multiple media, including standard and specialty print, corrugated cardboard and plastic, clothing and textiles, vinyl banners, EZ-UP tents, wood and metal fabrication, and injection molded plastic. We can ship a complete event kit to each of your event locations or to the ambassador’s house. Or we can ship to your fulfillment house. It’s up to you. In many cases, we provide not only the event display, apparel, & print items, but also the necessary accessories to make it happen. This can include duct tape, zip ties, extension cords, Ethernet cables, batteries, hanging materials, caution tape, cups, napkins, etc. Because We Understand... Our clients have specific, drop dead, delivery requirements, they do not always receive the required artwork in a timely fashion, & they may make changes at the last minute.
  26. 26. phone: 877.434.7686 fax: 714.434.0407