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Unit Testing in Umbraco


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Unit testing is a great way to help you improve your code and your team. It allows you to make changes or refactor your code to improve it with some confidence that your changes did not break a project. I am sure many of us realize the benefits of unit testing but find it difficult to do when working with a CMS or platform that you don't have full control over. This is the situation we will be discussing and I will show you how I have added unit tests to my customizations that are built on top of Umbraco.

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Unit Testing in Umbraco

  1. 1. @paulmgower unit testing in _______________
  2. 2. @paulmgower unit testing goal isolate each part prove part is correct
  3. 3. @paulmgower unit testing benefits find bugs early documentation
  4. 4. @paulmgower more info on unit testing
  5. 5. @paulmgower
  6. 6. @paulmgower Some image showing pain
  7. 7. @paulmgower Demo
  8. 8. @paulmgower
  9. 9. @paulmgower
  10. 10. @paulmgower
  11. 11. @paulmgower Demo
  12. 12. @paulmgower dependencies NUnit Moq NUnit Test Adapter Umbraco.Tests.dll
  13. 13. @paulmgower steps to unit test
  14. 14. @paulmgower steps to unit test test project
  15. 15. @paulmgower steps to unit test test project Umbraco.Tests.dll
  16. 16. @paulmgower steps to unit test test project Umbraco.Tests.dll
  17. 17. @paulmgower steps to unit test test project Umbraco.Tests.dll first test
  18. 18. @paulmgower more info sam sussman’s article lars-erik’s article
  19. 19. @paulmgower GitHub Repo and Slides
  20. 20. @paulmgower paul gower CTO of Aristotle Labs @paulmgower |