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Be a Better Remote Agile Team Member


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The 2019 State of Remote Work report has highlighted the fact that remote work is not a trend but here to stay. The 13th State of Agile report states that 97% of organizations responded saying they are practice agile development methodologies. So it's safe to say that both remote work and agile practices are not going away any time soon.

Have you ever worked from home and at the end of the day felt like you got absolutely nothing done? Do you sometimes feel like your productivity goes down when you work remote? Are you curious about the people who claim working remote has improved their productivity to achieve this?

Come to this talk to learn my tips and tricks that I use to help me be a very productive remote agile team member.

Paul has been building software for over 20 years and over half of that time, he has worked remote. He will share some of his great productivity tips on how you can be the best remote agile team member.

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Be a Better Remote Agile Team Member

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  15. 15. @paulmgower Paul Gower Developer Kanban Enthusiast Remote
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  20. 20. @paulmgower “Eat a Live Frog Every Morning and Nothing Worse Will Happen to You the Rest of the Day.” —Mark Twain*
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