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"Brown owl"

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"Brown owl"

  1. 1. “Brown owl”
  2. 2. Brown owl, brown owl, what do you see? I see a white skeleton looking at me.
  3. 3. White skeleton, white skeleton, what do you see? I see a purple bat looking at me.
  4. 4. Purple bat, purple bat, what do you see? I see a green spider looking at me.
  5. 5. Green spider, green spider, what do you see? I see a black cat looking at me.
  6. 6. Black cat, black cat, what do you see?I see a pumpkin looking at me
  7. 7. Pumpkin, pumpkinwhat do you see? I see a Jack O´Lantern looking at me!
  8. 8. Ha, ha, ha, haaaaapy Halloween!