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Zoom Rooms Kit AVer CAM340+ and MXL AC360Z & Yamaha Soundbar


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Zoom Rooms Kit AVer CAM340+ and MXL AC360Z & Yamaha Soundbar

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Zoom Rooms Kit AVer CAM340+ and MXL AC360Z & Yamaha Soundbar

  1. 1. D e l l O p t i P l e x f o r Z o o m R o o m s This is the official Zoom Rooms configured Dell OptiPlex - this is the best way to get your rooms up and running fast. • Configured for Zoom Rooms - with Zoom Rooms pre-installed • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT license • Intel Core i7-8700T with 6 Cores • 16GB, 120SSD, 2x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI • VESA mount with adapter box included Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse • Integrated Keyboard and Mouse • Used during setup of your Zoom Rooms A l l O u r Z o o m R o o m s K i t s I n c l u d e Everything you need for a Dual Display setup. We want you to be up and running as quickly as possible. • Camera Mounting Bracket • Audio Mounting (when required) • HDMI and Display Cables + Connectors for Dual Displays • 6 Outlet Powerstrip • Zoom Rooms Quick Start Tabletent from Video Conference Gear • Additional USB cables, extenders, or connectors (when required) Z o o m R o o m s K i t AVer CAM340+ MXL 360Z Dell OptiPlex A p p l e i P a d M i n i & S e c u r e H e c k l e r D e s i g n C o n s o l e Heckler Design Consoles are designed and built to last, and provide a sleek, modern look. They are bundled with an Apple iPad Mini providing you complete control over your Zoom Rooms. M X L A C 3 6 0 + Y a m a h a E S B 1 0 8 0 The MXL AC-360-Z V2 is a USB-powered conference microphone that captures crystal clear audio in a full 360° within a 25-foot radius. • 12 internal capsules for full 360° audio pickup • Echo cancelling and noise suppression The Yamaha ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar creates an immersive sound for conference rooms. • Immersive feeling with clear, dynamic, full-range speaker output • Conference mode’ preset optimized for conversation A V e r C A M 3 4 0 + The AVer CAM340+ Video Conference Camera is designed for the huddle room and small meeting spaces. Small format camera with big features. • 4X optical zoom, 120° diagonal field of view, horizontal 85°, vertical 55° • Ultra-crystal clear image support up to 4K • Back light compensation and 2D noise reduction technology for optimizing light balance in different conditions CAM340-PLUS-AC360-DELL-ZOOMROOMS available online at or Call 720-753-4560 starting at* $110/mo *your price may be higher