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Btyfc squad managers


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ATime to up our game?

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Btyfc squad managers

  1. 1. Upping our Game Date: Tuesday, 07 September 2010 Dear BTYFC Volunteer, As your new BTYFC Chairman I am writing to you to achieve 3 things; firstly to thank you for the time you give to your local community, secondly to highlight ways in which BTYFC are already making volunteering more rewarding for you and finally to further engage you in BTYFC’s club and football development. Firstly, thank you for the time and effort you are putting back into your local community. You are among an elite group of people who have made the decision to put back into your local community. As rewarding as squad management and youth football coaching can be, it is so easy for those on the sidelines to forget how challenging squad management can be! For the young people in our community you are the hero’s on the front line and I thank you wholeheartedly for what you do. In recognition of this commitment I am keen to ensure that BTYFC make even better decisions about how the club supports you and in turn the players in our care. Without people like you BTYFC cannot operate, without your feedback and input however it’s difficult to make the right moves. This is where BTYFC needs your viewpoint. Don’t hesitate to let me know those things that you believe would improve BTYFC’s community service and your life as a BTYFC volunteer. Here are a handful of the things we have been doing to up our game over the summer, please read on: 1. Help BTYFC gain FA Community Charter Status – in order to benefit from additional football and club development resources. BTYFC are applying for the FA’s community charter status (their highest award). To share these benefits with your squad, amongst many things we need a clear view of our volunteer’s football, child protection, CRB and first aid certification. If you have not provided this to date it could be that you are holding up BTYFC’s access to FA Charter Status benefits. Please don’t delay, get in touch with our club secretary Jeff Woolley today! 2. BTYFC Mgmt Monthly Meetings whether you can attend or not, try to contribute with your opinions and ideas. The focus of these meetings are football and club development so do come to up your game, as well as contribute. These meetings are held every 3rd Weds in the month at the clubhouse 8.30-10.30pm. The next one is weds 15th September 2010.
  2. 2. 3. Stay in touch with BTYFC online, as well at official bingham town youth fc and also for those altruistic business people already on we have a new group called bingham town youth fc. In short stay in touch, leave your comments and ideas. It only takes a few seconds. Checking in regularly could improve your experience as a parent, as a volunteer and help BTYFC up its game. 4. BTYFC Advertising – BTYFC are recruiting; new players, footballing/non-footballing BTYFC volunteers and business sponsors. BTYFC need to advertise more than we have done in the past in order to better communicate the fantastic services we offer and to recruit volunteers and business sponsorship. Without the latter we cannot do what we do. Do what you can to promote BTYFC’s work by pointing players, volunteers and business sponsors to our website and by emailing for further details. 5. BTYFC Training Subs and match fees are going up from 1st September 2010– please click here for the details. BTYFC needs you to ensure that all of your squad’s parents are aware. In a few extreme cases where subscriptions by squad are significantly overdue the club will be holding back kit and squad specific resources. If you believe you are in this category contact our treasurer today. I would would like to better understand the specific issues driving high levels of unpaid subscriptions. 6. Save yourself a huge amount of squad management time in 2010/11 by signing upto and using – check out the demo, it’s free. Save yourself a whole heap of pain! 7. For those volunteers who are FA level 1 qualified and above please do not miss out on registering with the FA’s coaching association FACA, BTYFC will reimburse your FACA subscription fees. There is a huge amount of knowledge and best practice advice there for you. Register and forward your invoice/receipts to BTYFC club treasurer. 8. Running low on ideas for your sessions? You could use today for free. Let BTYFC know if there are any other free or very low cost, high impact resources you rate that may help BTYFC further up their game. Also check out FATV on youtube . 9. BTYFC Club shop – promote and or buy branded BTYFC Joma footy gear here. You can indirectly help promote BTYFC and raise funds for football development activities by promoting the BTYFC club shop with your players/parents/friends.
  3. 3. 10. The FA’s new youth award. Trevor Powell and Richard Spencer of Nottinghamshire FA came to our July management meeting to promote the all new coaching qualifications for youth football clubs. This new programme called the youth award is better for youth football coaches by being age appropriate and much, much easier logistically to qualify. Sound to good to be true? BTYFC will be running the developing the environment module at our clubhouse for those Level 1 & Level 2 qualified coaches, it’s the best course the FA run! Time and Dates yet to be agreed. If you want to up your game, beat the rush and flag your interest in attending the developing the environment module at buttfield here. Will keep you posted! Thanks again for what you do for the kids of Bingham, Pete Griffiths BTYFC Chairman & Club Development Officer MB: 07504 394 728