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The New .NET Enterprise Stack


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.NET has been, historically, an expensive ecosystem to play in.

Because to play in it, you have to do so by Microsoft’s rules.

This… is what the experience of developing in .NET has been like, until the recent past.

Today and into the near future, we have an exciting opportunity to reinvent ourselves, our careers, our products, our companies, our entire ecosystem, and the experience of being a .NET developer.

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The New .NET Enterprise Stack

  1. 1. The New .NET Stack By Aaron Stannard, CTO Petabridge, Co-Founder Akka.NET
  2. 2. You have to...
  3. 3. We have to do thisWe had to do this
  4. 4. What if we could...
  5. 5. Introducing the New .NET Enterprise Stack
  6. 6. No fear of write-heavy workloads
  7. 7. The Experience of Being a .NET Developer
  8. 8. No More Excuses
  9. 9. Growth vs Fixed Mindset
  10. 10. Infrastructure: Windows Azure
  11. 11. Data: C* for App Data
  12. 12. Data: Spark Streaming for Reporting
  13. 13. Runtime: CoreCLR or Mono/CLR
  14. 14. Programming Model: Akka.NET
  15. 15. UI: NancyFX, ASP.NET vNext, SignalR
  16. 16. Operational Metrics
  17. 17. Developer Metrics Code Footprint: 83% Smaller Turnaround time: 6 months Fun: 100000% more
  18. 18. What's Next?