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Jobs By College Major


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Determine what Federal positions you would qualify for based on your education

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Jobs By College Major

  1. 1. Federal Employment Information Fact Sheets Federal Jobs by College MajorTo help you choose the right career field, we have prepared the following table that groups Federaljobs that are often filled by college graduates with appropriate academic majors. As you study thetable, please keep these facts in mind: (1) The jobs listed under each major are usually examples,not an all-inclusive list. (2) Many jobs do not require a college degree; job-related experience isjust as good. And (3), you can qualify for a large number of administrative jobs with a degree inany academic major. To illustrate this third point, we are leading off the table with a list of someof the most popular jobs for which any major is qualifying.ANY MAJOR AGRONOMY Aviation Safety InspectorsEnvironmental Protection Agronomists Air NavigatorsCivil Rights Analyst Agricultural Mgmt. Spec. Aircrew TechniciansPersonnel occupations Soil ConservationistsAdministrative Officer Soil Scientists BIOLOGYManagement Analyst General Biological ScientistsLogistics Management ANTHROPOLOGY EntomologistsParalegal Specialist Anthropologists Fishery BiologistsContract Representative Museum Curators MicrobiologistsClaims Examining Museum Specialists Range ConservationistsPublic Affairs Program Analysts Wildlife BiologistsWriting and Editing Management Analysts ZoologistsInternal Revenue OfficerContract Administration ARCHEOLOGY BOTANYGeneral Investigator Archaeologists AgronomistsAir Traffic Controller Museum Curators BotanistsSupply Management Museum Specialists Forestry Technicians GeneticistsACCOUNTING ARCHITECTURE HorticulturistsAccountants Architects Plant PathologistsAuditors Construction Analysts Plant PhysiologistsContract Specialists Construction Control Inspector. Plant Protection andFinancial Managers Landscape Architects Quarantine SpecialistsFinancial Administrators Naval Architects Range ConservationistsFinancial Institution Program Analysts Examiners BUSINESSGAO Financial Auditors ARTS, FINE AND APPLIED Budget AnalystsIntelligence Specialists Arts Specialists Business and Industry Spec.Internal Revenue Agents Audio-Visual Production Commissary Store Managers Specialists GAO AnalystAGRICULTURE Recreation and Creative Arts Import SpecialistsSoil Conservationists Therapists Internal Revenue OfficersAgricultural Commodity Exhibits Specialists Miscellaneous Administrative Graders General Arts and Information and Programs SpecialistsAgricultural Engineers Specialists Quality Assurance SpecialistsAgricultural Mgmt. Spec. Illustrators Trade SpecialistsAgricultural Program Spec. Photographers Contract SpecialistsAgricultural Market Reporters Visual Information SpecialistsAgricultural Marketing Spec. CARTOGRAPHYForeign Agriculture Affairs ASTRONOMY Cartographers Specialists Astronomers and Space Cartographic TechniciansSoil Scientists Scientists Geodetic Technicians Geodesists CHEMISTRY AVIATION Chemical Engineers Air Safety Investigators Chemists Air Traffic Controllers Consumer Safety Officers Aircraft Operators Environmental Engineers United States Office of Personnel Management 01/15/2010 Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. Federal Employment Information Fact SheetsFood Technologists Financial Analysts ENGLISH AND LITERATUREHealth Physicists Financial Instit. Examiners Editorial AssistantsIntelligence Specialists GAO Analyst Printing SpecialistsToxicologists Loan Specialists Public Affairs Specialists Trade Specialists Technical Writers and EditorsCOMMUNICATIONS Transportation Industrial Writers and EditorsTelecommunications Analysts Misc. Admin. and Managers Programs SpecialistsCommunications Specialists EDUCATION Program AnalystsPublic Affairs Specialists Education and Training Program ManagersTechnical Writers and Specialists Management Analysts Editors Educ. and VocationalWriters and Editors Training Specialists ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Vocational Rehab. Specialists EcologistsCORRECTIONS Educational Program Environmental HealthCorrectional Institution Specialists Technicians Administrators Employee Dev. Specialists Environmental ProtectionCorrectional Officers Public Health Educators AssistantsProgram Analysts Training Instructors Environmental Protection Instructional Systems SpecialistsCOUNSELING Specialists GAO AnalystChaplains Educational Services Gen. Fish and WildlifeEduc. and Vocational Specialists Administrators Training Specialists Fish and Wildlife RefugePersonnel Specialists ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY ManagementPsychologists Communications Specialists Misc. Admin. andPsychology Aids and Electronics Technicians Programs Specialists Technicians Patent Examiners ToxicologistsSocial Service Aids and Electronics Mechanics Assistants EPIDEMIOLOGYSocial Service Reps. EMPLOYEE/LABOR Environmental HealthVocational Rehab Spec. RELATIONS TechniciansEqual Opportunity Contractor Industrial Rel. Gen. Health Scientists Compliance Specialists Specialists Industrial HygienistsEducational Services Employee Relations Microbiologists Specialists Specialists Hearing and Appeals FINANCECRIMINAL JUSTICE/LAW Specialists Appraisers and AssessorsENFORCEMENT Labor Management Budget AnalystsBorder Patrol Agents Relations Examiners Financial AdministratorsCriminal Investigators Labor Relations Specialists Financial AnalystsGame Law Enfc. Agents Mediators Financial InstitutionGAO Analyst Salary and Wage Admin. ExaminersInternal Revenue Officers Workers Compensation GAO AnalystPolice Officers Claims Examiners Securities ComplianceUnited States Marshals Examiners ENGINEERING (ANY Tax ExaminersDIETETICS AND NUTRITION SPECIALTY) Trade SpecialistsDietitians General EngineersFood Technologists Civil Engineers FISH, GAME, AND WILDLIFENutritionists Mechanical Engineers MANAGEMENT Electrical Engineers Gen. Fish and WildlifeECONOMICS Electronics Engineers AdministratorsActuaries Aerospace Engineers Fish and Wildlife RefugeBudget Analysts Industrial Engineers ManagementContract Specialists Nuclear Engineers Fishery BiologistsEconomists Computer Engineers Game Law Enforcement Biomedical Engineers Agents (11 other Engineering fields) Soil Conservationists Wildlife Biologists Wildlife Rescue Managers General Biological United States Office of Personnel Management 01/15/2010 Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. Federal Employment Information Fact Sheets Scientists Public Health Programs Program Analysts SpecialistsFOOD TECHNOLOGY AND Safety and Occup. Health INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENTSAFETY Management Specialists Business and Ind. SpecialistsConsumer Safety Inspectors Equipment SpecialistsConsumer Safety Officers HISTORY Industrial HygienistsDietitian and Nutritionists Archives Technicians Industrial Property ManagersFood Assistance Archivists Industrial Specialists Program Specialists Exhibits Specialists Management AnalystsFood Technologists Historians Production ControllersToxicologists Intelligence Specialists Program Analysts Museum Curators Property Disposal SpecialistsFOREIGN LANGUAGE Misc. Admin. and Quality Assurance SpecialistsAir Safety Investigators Programs SpecialistsBorder Patrol Agents Management Analysts INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYCustoms Inspectors Program Analysts Information Technology SpecialistsLanguage Specialists Computer SpecialistsEqual Employment HOME ECONOMICS Program Managers Opportunity Specialists Consumer Safety Management AnalystsForeign Affairs Specialists Officers Computer ProgrammersForeign Agricultural Affairs Food Technologists Specialists INSURANCEIntelligence Specialists HORTICULTURE Crop Insurance Agricultural Mgt. Specialist AdministratorsFORESTRY Gen. Biological Social Insurance Admin.Foresters Scientists Social Insurance ClaimsSoil Conservationists Horticulturists ExaminerManagement Analysts Plant Protection and Quaran. Unemployment InsuranceProgram Analysts Specialists SpecialistsGen. Fish and Wildlife Plant Physiologists Specialists Misc. Admin. and Administrators Misc. Admin. and Programs SpecialistsFish and Wildlife Refuge Programs Specialists Program Analysts Management HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION INTERNATIONALGEOGRAPHY Administrative Officers RELATIONSCartographers Health System Administrators Foreign Affairs SpecialistsGeographers Health System Specialists Foreign Agricult. Affairs Hospital Housekeepers SpecialistsGEOLOGY Gen. Health Scientists Intelligence SpecialistsGeodesists Public Health Programs Specialists Language SpecialistsGeologists Public Affairs SpecialistsHydrologists HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Trade SpecialistsOceanographers Apprenticeship and Training International RelationsGen. Physical Scientists Representatives Workers Employee Dev. SpecialistsGEOPHYSICS Equal Employment JOURNALISMGeophysicists Opportunity Specialists Agricult. Market ReportersGen. Physical Scientists Human Resource Specialist Printing Specialists Military Pers. Mgmt. Spec. Public Affairs SpecialistsHEALTH Personnel Staffing Spec. Writers and EditorsEnvironmental Health Position Classification Technical Writers and Technicians Specialists EditorsGAO Analyst Program AnalystsGen. Health Scientists HYDROLOGYHealth Physicists Environmental Engineers LAWHealth System Admin. Environmental Protection Administrative Law JudgesHealth System Spec. Specialists AttorneysIndustrial Hygienists Hydrologists Hearing and Appeals Gen. Fish and Wildlife Specialists Administrators Legal Instruments Examiners Fish and Wildlife Refuge Paralegal Specialists Management Patent Attorneys United States Office of Personnel Management 01/15/2010 Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. Federal Employment Information Fact SheetsTax Law Specialists Housing Managers NURSING Industrial Property Managers NursesLAW ENFORCEMENT Production Controllers Physicians AssistantsAlcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Inspectors MANAGEMENT PARK AND RECREATIONBorder Patrol Agents Administrative Officers MANAGEMENTCriminal Investigators Logistics Mgt. Specialists ForestersCustoms Inspectors Management Analysts Outdoor Recreation PlannersGame Law Enforcement Manpower Dev. Specialists Park Rangers Agents Misc. Admin. and Program Recreation SpecialistsImmigration Inspectors Specialists Rec. and Creative ArtsInspec., Invest. and Program Analysts Therapists Compliance Specialists Support Svcs. Administrators Management AnalystsPolice Officers PHARMACYUnited States Marshals MARKETING Consumer Safety Inspectors Agric. Marketing Specialists Consumer Safety OfficersLIBERAL ARTS/HUMANITIES Bond Sales Promotion PharmacistsContact Representatives Representatives PharmacologistsCustoms Inspectors Contract SpecialistsEqual Opportunity Inventory Mgt. Specialists PHYSICAL EDUCATION Compliance Spec. Packaging Specialists Corrective TherapistsManagement Analysts Property Disposal Spec. Outdoor Recreation PlannersPers. Management Spec. Supply Specialists Rec. and Creative ArtsProgram Analysts Trade Specialists TherapistsSocial Insurance Claims Business and Industry Recreation Specialists Examiners Specialists Recreation Aids & AssistantsVeterans Claims Exam. Sports SpecialistsEduc. Services Spec. MATHEMATICS Program Analysts ActuariesLIBRARY SCIENCE Cartographers PHYSICAL SCIENCELibrarians Computer Science Mathematical Gen. Physical ScientistsLibrary Technicians Statisticians MetallurgistsMedical Record Librarians Mathematicians PhysicistsTechnical Info. Services Operations Research Analysts PHYSICSMGT. INFO. SYSTEMS Statisticians Astronomers and SpaceComputer Science Specialists ScientistsComputer Specialists MEDICAL SUPPORT GeodesistsFinancial Managers Diagnostic Radiological GeophysicistsLogistics Mgt. Specialists Technicians Health PhysicistsManagement Analysts Medical Instrument HydrologistsMisc. Admin. and Technicians Oceanographers Programs Specialists Medical Record Technicians Patent ExaminersOperations Research Medical Technicians Physicists Analysts Nuclear Medicine Technicians Gen. Physical ScientistsProgram Analysts Pathology TechniciansProgram Managers Therapeutic Radiological POLITICAL SCIENCE/GOVT Technicians ArchivistsMANAGEMENT, FACILITIES Budget AnalystsCommissary Store Managers METEOROLOGY HistoriansCorrectional Institution Meteorologists Foreign Affairs Specialists Administrators Gen. Physical Scientists GAO AnalystDistrib. Facility and Misc. Admin. and Programs Storage Managers NATURAL RESOURCE SpecialistsEquipment Specialists MANAGEMENT Program AnalystsFacility Managers Fish and Wildlife Admin. Public Affairs SpecialistsGen. Facilities and Equip. Gen. Biological Scientists Social Scientists Manager Program Analysts Wildlife Biologists PSYCHOLOGY Wildlife Refuge Management Rec. and Creative Arts Therapists Employee Dev. Specialists United States Office of Personnel Management 01/15/2010 Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Federal Employment Information Fact SheetsGAO Analyst REHABILITATION THERAPY THEOLOGYPersonnel Management Spec. Corrective Therapists ChaplainsPsychologists Manual Arts Therapists Social WorkersPersonnel Staffing Spec. Occupational Therapists Program AnalystsPosition Class. Specialists Physical TherapistsEducational Svcs. Specialists Prosthetic Reps. TRANSPORTATION Rehabilitation Therapy Cargo SchedulersPUBLIC HEALTH Assistants Highway Safety SpecialistsEnvironmental Health Marine Cargo Specialists Technicians SOCIAL WORK Traffic Mgt. SpecialistsFood Assistance Food Assistance Program Transportation Industry Program Specialists Specialists AnalystsFood Inspectors Psychology Aids and Transportation Loss/DamageHealth System Administrators Technicians Claims ExaminersHealth System Specialists Social Science Aids and Transportation OperatorsIndustrial Hygienists Technicians Transportation SpecialistsPublic Health Programs Social Scientists Travel Assistants Specialists Social Service Aids andPublic Health Educators Assistants ZOOLOGYSocial Insurance Admin. Social Service Reps. Animal ScientistsVeterans Claims Examiners Social Workers Zoologists Recreation Specialists PhysiologistsPUBLIC ADMIN.Budget Analysts SOCIOLOGYEmployee Dev. Specialists GAO AnalystEmployee Relations Social Science Aids and Specialists TechniciansGAO Analyst Social ScientistsHousing Managers Social Service Aids andManagement Analysts AssistantsManpower Dev. Specialists Social Service Reps.Misc. Admin and Programs Program Analysts Specialists SociologistsProgram AnalystsPublic Utilities Spec. STATISTICS ActuariesPUBLIC RELATIONS Computer Science Spec.Contact Representatives Mathematical StatisticiansForeign Affairs Specialists Operations ResearchForeign Agricult. Affairs Analysts Specialists Program AnalystsPublic Affairs Specialists Statisticians Transportation IndustryPURCHASING AnalystsCommissary Store ManagersContract Specialists SURVEYINGPurchasing Specialists GeodesistsBusiness and Industry Land Surveyors Specialists SYSTEMS ANALYSISREAL ESTATE Computer Science SpecialistsBuilding Managers Computer SpecialistsHousing Managers GAO IT AnalystRealtors Misc. Administrative andBusiness and Industry Programs Specialists Specialists Management AnalystsContract Specialists Program Analysts United States Office of Personnel Management 01/15/2010 Page 5 of 5